Wednesday, January 12

Wednesday Weigh In

I am happy to say I have dropped 2 lbs in the last week. Praise God! It feels so good to be seeing this weight come off. I really struggled with the idea of dieting while trying to build a solid training program, but so far it seems I am keeping a good balance of calorie reduction and maintaining energy for training. It can be done! It will be interesting to see how next month goes when I begin doing some hill work. I have already begun to push the pace a little harder on my weekly runs but hope that once the pounds start dropping the pace will get even better.

My running schedule for this week:

Mon. 6 Miles (done)

Tues. 6 Miles (done)

Wens. 8 Miles (done)

Thur. 6 miles (done)

Fri. Rest

Sat. 13-14 Miles


Kate said...

yay terri!!! i know that is a huge boost! i found that those 100 calorie cookie or choc. pretzel packs really satisfy my sweet tooth when trying to drop those pesky lbs. your race is coming up soon!! wow!!

Kim said...

When is your half? Your training sounds impressive!

Much Ado said...

LOVE the pic you put with this post! :)

Wendy said...

sounds like a great week!!