Tuesday, November 30

The Dust has Settled

After two moving trucks, hundreds of boxes, 5 weeks of company, the move is complete. We have officially become Texans! Even though it has been difficult to leave family, friends and many familiar things, I have so much to be thankful for. The move has become a time of great healing on many levels. I thought that the move would bring more challenges and difficulties but instead I have found it to be a time of growth and healing. My running took a serious back seat to the business of the move, but this past month I have been getting back in the swing of a routine and consistent running. Running in my neighborhood is a new thing for me, I prefer parks, but travel is an issue, so most weekly runs are in the neighborhood. I have discovered a park I LOVE and find my way there on Saturdays. Terry Hershey Park reminds me a lot of the River parks in Tulsa. Some of the trails are rolling with a few steep inclines, something I didn't expect to find in Texas. My longest long run so far was this past Saturday of 7 miles. It was slow going, no really I mean sloooooooow, but at least I got the mileage in. I am thankful to be getting back into the routine and look forward to experiencing the Houston (half) Marathon in January. I have not run in an actual race in a couple of years so it will be a bit challenging to negotiate such a large and unfamiliar race. I hope I can just relax and enjoy the moment. I'm sure it will be fun. Based on my current pace I am expecting to run my slowest half ever but, that's okay, a least that's what I keep telling myself=). In light of the year I have had and the many changes that I have recently had to deal with I think I have earned a break this one race. But only this one race because I have my sights on the Dallas Rock n Roll Half in March and then the Oklahoma City Marathon in April. I hope to see a major improvement on my times by then. I have been thinking about the full marathon in April, but would like to see my pace increase in the half first. we will see...if I have learned anything from this past year it's not to plan too far ahead and be flexible. Now I need to go do some dusting=)

My running schedule for this week is

Mon. 6 miles (done) in tank top and shorts
Tues. 5 miles (done) in jacket, gloves and hat (crazy weather)
Wens. 7 miles (whew!done!)
Thurs. off (thankful for this rest day)
Fri. 5 miles
Sat. 8 miles

Many blessings to you as you run the race.