Thursday, February 2

Wow! two post in one week! Unfortunately it's because running this week has had to take a back seat. I tried to run yesterday but it was pretty awful! I managed to endure 4 miles but it was all about pain management. Even my knee started to hurt which I think was from probably adjusting my gait to compensate for the foot pain. I also had this lower leg pain show up. I was a mess out running yesterday. Actually the lower leg pain was the worst of all three I was experiencing. I have had this pain before in the front of my leg from time to time which seems to happen when I increase mileage. But normally after a few runs at the new distance my leg adjust and I don't have the pain anymore. Since I took two days off to rest my foot it was a surprise to have this area hurting. The worst part about it is it is all the same leg! ugh! As I was running I thought if I could have a new left leg this run would be great! sigh! I haven't decided if I am going to run today or not. This area in the front of my leg is hurting right now so I'm not real thrilled to get out there and run in pain again. Anyone know what this could be or have had similar pain? I circled the area that hurts in the picture below. As you can see it is not my shin. It feels real good when I massage or roll it. I sure would like to know what it is. I've tried googling it but it keeps giving me information about shin splints. The pain is not in my shin but that big muscle on the front side of my lower leg.
In other news I have had to re-adjust my schedule of races this year already. The one run in Oklahoma I had hoped to run In May they moved the date up an entire month! We can't go in April while my son is still in school. The Wounded Warrior run in June was the one I really, really, really, wanted to run the most. But it too will have to be another time. We had serious time restraints this year with the time share we use for vacations and of course it happened to be the same weekend! I can't complain as I am looking very forward to vacationing in Colorado this year. The beach is always my first choice but the mountains are a close second. Between the leg pains and schedule changes life has really put a crunch in my Spring/Summer "come-back" ( y'all didn't know this was my come-back year did ya ;) ) When I look at all that is happening I could get discouraged real quick...between the pain I'm experiencing and the 180 in my race schedule things are feeling a bit challenging. Life is not going the way I would like it. It's funny how when you purpose to be more steadfast that life has a way of coming along and bumping your glass of water. Thankfully purposing to honor the Lord by being steadfast is helping me to focus through this time of disappointment and adjustment. I know that He is in the business of teaching me to live (which includes running) from the inside out. All of this stuff that is happening on the outside of my life He is wanting me to deal with from the inside out. I know He is wanting me to worship Him regardless... So I will not grit my teeth and force my way, I will not ask why, I will not buckle... but rather be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water..."But his delight is in the law of the LORD"...

Planted by the waters,


Wednesday, February 1

These Boots Were Made for Walking...

You will never catch me running one of these!!!

I have not been able to run this week so far because of foot pain. I'm mad at myself because it's my fault my foot is hurting! I stupidly choose to wear high heels Sunday! I wore my boots to church thinking the heel was not that high but within a short time my foot was killing me!! I ended up on my feet and walking a lot Sunday which was not planned. It wasn't long before I was grumpy and limping. Thankfully my oldest daughter wears the same size shoe as I do and she kindly switched shoes with me. Really she just wanted to stop hearing me complain! Unfortunately by then it was too late. Sunday was eye opening to the fact that I can not wear ANY heels, not even a standard boot heel. And since running is a priority over vanity I wave the white flag. Really it's not so much vanity as I just own more heels than I do flats. Also being married to a guy who is 6'3 and I'm 5'3 I could use a little height. I guess it's time to go buy some FLAT shoes. So no more heels, not even my boots anymore! Good-bye boots! sniff, sniff...

I guess it means I can't sing this song anymore either :). I know this video will date me, although I was only a toddler when this song hit the charts I remember singing and dancing to it as a child :) I dare you not to dance while it plays.

Have a great week running!