Wednesday, December 16

Still Here

I am still here...and winding down from a marathon 2 weeks of painting, cleaning, organizing, cooking and shopping. Wow! am I tired. Below are a few pictures of the fruits of our labors. They by no means do justice to the hours and days my mom and I put into all that was accomplished. I love my new "treadmill room" and with the weather staying around 30 degrees for the HIGH of most days, I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of my new room. I don't have time in my schedule to do any posting this week but I plan to re-start my running journals again sometime next week. In the meantime I am reading your post and staying motivated by your running progress and success. Keep pressing on.

I still have some things to finish in the treadmill room but that will be another time and after my back has a chance to rest. I hung a couple old race photos and a old racing bib as well as a picture of the goal "26.2" for a little inspiration while on the treadmill. My big splurge for this room is a picture of a runner I purchased at It will be captioned with the verse that heads this blog. All of that is still at the framers. I will post a picture of it when its done.

This is the office re-decorated, purged and organized!