Friday, May 27

K-I-S-S -- Keep It Simple Summer

We have all heard of the acronym KISS “keep it simple stupid.” Since I'm not a fan of the word stupid, I changed the last "s" to summer, and it fits great! I have been MIA from blog-land due to some major changes/responsibilities coming down the pike in our family. In all honesty most days I am struggling to keep ahead of it all. As a result many of the "normal" or regular things in my life right now are simplified down to the basics. One of those is running. I have put aside all “training plans” right now and have just purposed to simply get out and run. Whether it’s 4 miles or 8 miles, the goal is simply to run. I have a few races on my radar for the fall but I am not able to put any focus on those right now. Sadly the Rock-n-Roll Va. Beach half marathon is out for sure. Although we are still going on our vacation to visit my family in Virginia we will be going in July instead of September as originally planned. For someone who is a planner like myself it has not been easy to shift things around. The pressure to keep all the balls in the air right now has been overwhelming at times. I am trying to focus on the fact that the business of some additional responsibilities will pay for itself in a few months. I have been humbled, as I have had to trust Gods plan in all of this knowing He is working out so many fantastic things in the process. I can at times have difficulty seeing past the current circumstances I am in (especially when there are so many things happening) but in this case having simplified some other things in my life has allowed for clarity in the tasks. I’m trusting that in a couple of months the family will be thriving even more and things will be able to shift down a bit. Until then I cling to God’s sovereign purpose in our lives and trust He will give me the grace to manage it as He would have me.

And let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.
-Galatians 6:9.

Wednesday, May 11

Wordless Wednesday

SOooo busy right now that I thought I would just update with photos from Mother's day. I was overwhelmed with love and gifts from my precious husband and children. We had a wonderful day just being together. The highlight was a drive to Galveston to eat at a seafood restaurant. I am blessed beyond measure...

WOW! love my new necklace!

The Mother's day booty was over the top!

At the beach! "Food to my soul"

Yes! I am a unashamed goofball :)

I will try to update this week with how my training is going and possibly some new race options I am looking at for this fall.

Monday, May 2

Melanoma Monday

“Melanoma Monday” is the first Monday of May – and the kick-off of May Melanoma Skin Cancer Month. Also known as National Skin Self-Examination Day. People are encouraged to examine their skin for skin cancer.

Having lost a dear family member to cancer this past year and recently finding out about three more friends with cancer (one given 4-6 months to live) I have been painfully aware of the affects of cancer. I recently posted about loving my "runners tan" on Facebook, but, I know that sun exposure can put me at risk for skin cancer.

When my husband had cancer in 1996 and was going through treatments we met a young girl in her 20's being treated for melanoma. We had treatments on the same days and got to know her. She did not survive.

As most people do in preparation for a vacation last year, I spent a month working on a tan through a tanning bed. I see damage to my skin today from that time that I know is irreversible .

I am making a point this summer to be more careful about my sun exposure and to be more vigilant to apply sunscreen before running.

I have a doctor friend who lives in California that started this Miles for Melanoma 5k about 4 years ago. If you live in the area it looks to be a fun run for a great cause.

Do you have a particular sunscreen you like that stays on a sweaty runner? I would love to know!