Wednesday, March 14

The "Perfect" Weight

At my "perfect" weight
If you have been following this blog for anytime you know the issue of loosing weight has been a topic of discussion. I am still trying to drop as much as 20lbs! wow why does that look so large in type. Probably like many of you I have counted every bite that has gone in my mouth, exercised an insane amount of time only to step on the dreaded scale and see no change! Recently I had to do a hard amount of soul searching and admit I had a unhealthy, and as a Christan, unbiblical mind-set about my weight. So with Gods help I'm focusing on being healthy rather than focus on a number on the scale. One thing I stopped doing was weighing myself regularly. So yesterday I decided since I had not weighed myself in about a month I wanted to see if my weight had dropped. At the same time I knew I needed to be careful with my attitude no matter what the scale read. In my mind I thought if I don't know the exact number it wouldn't be as hard. So not wanting to see the number I thought I would be clever and ask my daughter for some assistance. I told her I was going to step on the scale and only wanted her to answer one question. The question was "is my weight below ___lbs?" (y'all didn't really think I was going to tell you the number now). All I really wanted to know was had I gotten past this particular number that my body seems to camp on. So I step on the scale and ask the question at which time she replies "well (long pause) it's not below____lbs but you are only about 6lbs away" ha ha ha! Okay 6lbs+___lbs= no weight loss!!! hilarious! I forgot to tell her this was a yes or no question-lol. Although I was not crazy about finding out I had not lost weight I had to laugh at my daughters attempt to make the news brighter. As a mom with two girls I want them to have a healthy mind-set about weight and not be defined by the number on a scale. I hope in some small way the laughter we shared yesterday conveyed that message clearly. I am thankful today that I can continue to move forward in becoming a healthier me both inside and out!

Do you have number in your head that says this is my "perfect" weight?

Monday, March 12

Princess and the Pea

It feels like Spring in Texas and with it a sense of renewal, the hope and promise of brighter days ahead. That's how I am feeling lately! I'm entering my 3rd week of pain free running! Well I say pain free in the sense of nothing hurting bad enough to keep me off my feet! Praise God! I completed 20-25 miles total each week the past two weeks! I know that's low but I am ecstatic about it! I have had some typical soreness and age related aches and pains but for the most part my ability to increase my mileage and frequency has my running day's looking up. I have been overwhelmed with thanksgiving to God for what seems to be the return of my running mojo. It has helped to have sworn off all shoes with even a slight heel. Also I'm using a little pad in my shoe that is hopefully taking some of the pressure off the metatarsal. I'm not crazy about feeling this lump in my shoe where the pad is stationed but if it's helping I'll keep it in there. I have never needed to wear any type of pad or orthotic in all my years of running, so it feels odd. I'm not even sure it is helping. My favorite fairy tale growing up was "Princess and the Pea" I must have read that story a hundred times. Soooooo if I feel the lump in my shoe does that make me a princess! Oh I hope so, I need all the help I can get! Have a great week of running!

Pressing on,

Saturday, March 3

22 Years and Counting

I was not planning to take a break from blogging but life sort of got real busy these past 4 weeks.

My husband and I are celebrating our 22nd anniversary today. We are planning to go to the rodeo :) We love doing things like that. Should be a fun time with my beloved!

 Running has been going very well the past couple of weeks. I ran 5 miles today which is the longest I've run in a while. As of today my running has been completely pain free! I have really sensed the Lord drawing me close to Him and bring much healing both physically and emotionally. I have learned a lot from this season...I will tell you it has not been without tears as I have had to consider giving up running all together. But God. Yes God, has had all of this in control and seems to be moving me out of this wilderness season into a season of hope. I know that tomorrow I could step out that door trip and fall or experience pain that keeps me from running. I hope that doesn't happen but if it did I hope I have learned to worship Him and trust Him in everything.  I have a long way to go. Looking forward to reading about several of you running races today.

Pressing on for His glory and fame,