Monday, March 12

Princess and the Pea

It feels like Spring in Texas and with it a sense of renewal, the hope and promise of brighter days ahead. That's how I am feeling lately! I'm entering my 3rd week of pain free running! Well I say pain free in the sense of nothing hurting bad enough to keep me off my feet! Praise God! I completed 20-25 miles total each week the past two weeks! I know that's low but I am ecstatic about it! I have had some typical soreness and age related aches and pains but for the most part my ability to increase my mileage and frequency has my running day's looking up. I have been overwhelmed with thanksgiving to God for what seems to be the return of my running mojo. It has helped to have sworn off all shoes with even a slight heel. Also I'm using a little pad in my shoe that is hopefully taking some of the pressure off the metatarsal. I'm not crazy about feeling this lump in my shoe where the pad is stationed but if it's helping I'll keep it in there. I have never needed to wear any type of pad or orthotic in all my years of running, so it feels odd. I'm not even sure it is helping. My favorite fairy tale growing up was "Princess and the Pea" I must have read that story a hundred times. Soooooo if I feel the lump in my shoe does that make me a princess! Oh I hope so, I need all the help I can get! Have a great week of running!

Pressing on,


Laura said...

20-25 is awesome! I'm jealous.... can't wait for my ankle to recover. :) Spring is definitely here. I am loving this time of year in Texas. So glad you're feeling upbeat and encouraged!

fancy nancy said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad to hear that you are running pain free! Praise God!

Raina said...

So happy to read you are running pain-free. Hope that the lump keeps doing it's trick for you!

Black Knight said...

20/25 and pain free; great news!
Be careful with the orthotic, test them a lot of times before doing long distance runs or speedworks.
2 years ago I damaged a tendon after a half marathon and I threw away forever the ortho.

Kate said...

YAY!!!!! and do the foot drills!!! i've read recently again that those are excellent at staving off lower leg injuries!!