Tuesday, April 16

 It's a small thing I can do but today's run is dedicated to those who were affected by the Boston bombings.

 "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21

Sunday, April 14

Sweaty Sandy Days Ahead

My blog has been bombarded with a bunch of spam so I am now moderating comments.
So move out spammers I've got your number!!

In other news life continues to move along...the kids are ready for school to be over and frankly so am I. We have been planning our family vacation TO THE BEACH and it has got everyone longing for more leisurely days. Sadly we are not taking our vacation until September so our excitement will have to stay under wraps for quite a few more months. I looked at and considered running a 5k while we're in Pensacola Fl. but I'm just not sure I want to ask my family to get up early on a vacation morning for such a short race. As far as running goes, mileage has notched way down for now and my body feels thankful for the break. Training will pick back up 1st of July and I look forward to being back on track for the fall racing season. It will be tough training thorough July and August here in Houston but this won't be my first summer getting through it. Sweaty sandy days ahead for sure!

What races are you training for that will have you running through the heat of summer?

One of the places we are considering staying!