Wednesday, September 12

The Revolving Door

Revolving Door Party
These people have actual revolving door parties!
It has been a long time since my last post but I'm still around and life is good. Over the past couple of months we have had 13 people come and stay with us. Yes this was a new record even for me. I totally blame my husband as he is a serious social duck and invited all these folks :) I considered installing one of these doors. All kidding aside it was an exercise of true hospitality for me and an opportunity to serve the Lord in a way that pleased my husband and hopefully was a blessing to those who entered our home. I did enjoy having people from as far away as Myanmar and Papua New Guinea and getting to visit with friends and family we had not seen in a long time. My mom comes this weekend and she knows I'm pretty burn-out by now so it will be good to just have some down time with her. We like to do projects together like paint or decorate but not this time. I still have one more person coming for a 2 week visit after my mom leaves but that will be it for a while, I hope so anyway!!!

Running has been going well and my mileage is building. I complete last week with 30 miles on these old legs and Lord willing will finish out this week with 32 miles on the books. I'm trying to get up to around 40 miles a week. It seems to be taking me a lot longer this time to re-build but I made it through summer! Wow! was it hawt! Our weather dropped about 10 degrees this week and it has helped my pace somewhat. With school starting and almost all the company gone I'm looking forward to blogging and racing again. First on the schedule is a old favorite; The Tulsa Run a local 15k that holds a special place in my heart. I would like to see myself run a good time but I'm not sure with the hills and having done zero hill training this year... The race is Oct. 27th so the weather should be pretty brisk. Next on the schedule is The Fort Worth Marathon (1/2 for me) in November. I am seriously running this for the bling! They give a belt buckle instead of the traditional medal to all the finishers! I am so there!!!

Well for now blogging is going to continue to take a back seat until the last of our company leaves. In the mean time I will peak in on your blogs and enjoy catching up with your lives. No doubt I'll be back! to talk about running, races, post some photos and continue our journey of running and life together.

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