Thursday, November 15

"T" Town and Cowtown Recap

First I will do a quick review of the Tulsa Run 15k and then move onto my most recent race the Fort Worth Marathon (1/2 for me). We left Friday morning and arrived in Tulsa some 8 hrs. later. The first thing I noticed was it was freezing! Yes my Texas blood has thinned in the past couple of years and I found the cold air to be very unpleasant. Saturday morning started with us scraping ice off the windshield. We arrived at the race in plenty of time but stayed in the warm car until a few minutes before the race started. Even though I was completely dressed for these temps I still shivered as I waited for the gun to go off. The first two thirds of the race for me were amazing. I was right on pace and in the position to make my time goal. I was so happy with my time and how I was running. It was during the last 3 miles that the wheels came off. This of course affected my finish time which was a disappointment but the greater disappointment was how I ran the last 3rd which really messed with my confidence as a runner. 
For time sake I will list my mistakes in order:
1. First I psyched myself out about the last miles of  hills days before the race. Sure enough when the hills came I fell apart.
2. Never run a race without a solid plan on how you will handle difficult times.
3. Always have a solid plan "B" 
4. Stay focused no matter what!
5. Even though you take the tangents don't let a long course frustrate your focus (garmin said 9.41!!!)
6. Never ever, ever ever, try to call your family during a race to let them know you are almost finished.
7. Always put the cell phone back in the HOLDER properly. 
8. Crossing the finish line with your hands down the front of your tights trying to fish out your phone which is sliding down the front of your leg makes for some interesting finish line photos. :/
Although I was extremely disappointed in myself and how I handled the last 3rd I learn some invaluable lessons that have already worked to make me a better runner.
Random thoughts:
It was so cold that we didn't stick around and take pictures. I was surprised they handed out a medal at the end. The tech shirt they gave out was neon green and super cool! Although my family is extremely supportive and never complained I won't drive that long again for such a short weekend, it was too much to ask of them.
Overall my God was faithful and His grace was on display and for that I give Him all my praise.

Fort Worth Marathon Recap:

We arrived in Fort Worth early so we could do a little sightseeing! First stop was the Fort Worth Stockyards. We LOVED this place! Lots of western shops, wagons, horses and cattle it just made you feel like you had stepped back in time.. 

The town brought out the cowboy in all of us! My hubby is one tall drink of water! I thought my hat was perfect for when the bullets start flying
We really liked the Fort Worth stockyards and hope to go back when we have more time to visit.
The weather for the race called for wind, wind and more wind!
The race website was excellent at keeping all of the runner
informed of the storm front that was due to move in sometime during the race. I woke up feeling kind of yucky so I immediately called on friends for prayer. By the time we arrived I could feel the prayers working. I'm usually very nervous before a race but I had such a peace. 
Start of the 1/2 marathon race.
Between the full marathon and the 20 miler there were 1000+ runners.

The race course followed the Trinity River trails which were scenic but at times very narrow especially when the runners at the turn around started heading back. Parts of the course were run on gravel paths and the wind gust would create serious dust in the eyes. I also had to stop and dump out a couple of rocks in my shoes. It was a nice course overall. I felt so much peace running this race even though it would be my slowest race ever I wouldn't trade a minute; I felt His presence carrying me all the way. This race for me was like the culmination of 20 months of giving it all to the Lord...We ran this race together as we had done through all these months.

Action shot! hurting but focused. I wasn't long after this picture that I knew I was going to miss my time by a lot. It was at this point that I just gave my finish time to the Lord.

The race course was very unique and scenic. We ran over bridges and under train bridges with trains running overhead. The park like setting offered the support crew interesting and comfy places to hang out. I love my support crew ♥
Just enough to muster up a small fist pump at the end. Notice the lady in the yellow poncho in the background. The storm surge they had been talking about held off until the last couple of miles. The temps dropped 15 degrees within a couple of minutes and the wind turned around creating serious headwinds again until the turn into the stadium. Although I did not hit my time goal I did succeed in my #1 goal which was to run a smart race and to stay focused. After my failure to keep it together during the Tulsa Run I really felt happy with how I managed the difficulties of this race. I prayed throughout the entire race and felt His pleasure and presence with me the entire time. This was one tough race but I finished with my heart full of worship and gratitude for what He had done!

My favorite medal! soon to be my new favorite belt buckle!

Thursday, October 25

The Victory Run

I'm feeling very emotional about going to Tulsa to run this weekend. I feel so blessed to be back to run, something I had lost the ability to do before we left two years ago. Although I ran some it had taken on a different tone...colored by anxiety and worry. To be going back to Tulsa to run a race feels like an incredible gift...the gift is NOT that I CAN run but rather, the fact that my running gives overwhelming testament to God's faithfulness and goodness toward me. Does that make sense??? I just know that my heart feels full of praise and thanksgiving. "...but in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us" They call it the Tulsa Run but I'm calling it the Conquers run!

Sunday, October 21


Boston Avenue Methodist Church, Tulsa
Running has gone well with a total of  31 miles on the books this week. I'm hoping to finish this month out close to last months mileage which was around 143 total miles. I am looking forward to the Tulsa Run this weekend and seeing some running buddies and dear friends. This run will be a bit sentimental since the course goes through some of my old running trails. And as any runner knows those trails become familiar friends... The weather should be perfect and my running outfit has been tried and tested! The only thing I'm not prepared for are the hills which I have done zero, zip, nada, (or as they would say in Yiddish), bupkis, training for. This is a new course which I have not run. They changed the course a couple of years ago after finishing the BOK Center and added Boston Ave. at the end of the course which they tout as a "breathtaking finish." Well breathtaking it will be with a huge climb that starts around 7.25 and doesn't end until you are on the steps of the church crying for Jesus! Yep this should be fun, especially since I have no other plan other than to take it easy gut it out. Expect a race report soon after!

I have a friend who is doing the MCM in DC this weekend. I'd love to hear about your race plans for this weekend?

I love it when a really great song gets stuck in my head. This week it was this song (see video below). The song was in my head so much so, it became like prayer...I know so many people including myself that need the Saviors healing touch...weekly, daily, sometimes every moment. I know life can be tough in so many ways...rising above our circumstances can seem impossible at times. I hope you'll listen to the video and the words will also become a prayer from your heart and cause you to worship at the Well which never runs dry.


Saturday, October 13


Just a quick update...the last of the company left on Wednesday and although it was a nice visit I'm glad to be done spinning around this revolving door for a while! My husband returned back from his missions trip to Mexico on Friday safe and sound and its good to have him home. My running continues to turn a corner and I give thanks to God for His strength daily and for the continued healing to my knee and foot. Today I ran a local 5k race for the Wounded Warrior Project. The course was a bit technical in that it had 11 turns, yes 11 in a 3 mile race! Also it was rolling at times so I had difficulty keeping a steady pace. It was not a PR but I am happy considering. It WAS though my first ever AG win and I took 1st!!! Technically it was 3 age groups (40-59)! The gal who took 2nd was on my heels the entire race. I thought she might be in the lower range of our AG. She moved over next to me right before the gun went off and stayed behind me the entire way except for the end when her husband showed up on the course and began to encourage her to pass me! I wasn't sure who had already crossed the finish so I knew if I let her get in front of me it could be the difference between a 3rd or 4th place finish. I took off like a bat out-a-hell and I don't think she (or her husband) was expecting the kick I gave at the end. I have always had a good end kick but I surprised even myself-snort! When I saw her move next to me with the finish line a good .25 away I thought about Steve Prefontaine's philosophy and knew that the difference between the two of us would come down to who was willing to suffer more. IT WAS THE LONGEST SPRINT OF MY LIFE!!! hahaha!!! I gave everything I had today and ran with all my heart. All honor goes to my Lord who enabled me to run this race to His glory and for His praise.
I look forward to slowing down in a couple of weeks for the Tulsa Run but this was a boost and a great way to start out my fall season of racing!

This last sprint was a 6:16 pace!!! hence the face of suffering

with the race director and 2nd place finisher
I LOVE the shape of the trophy :)

Wednesday, September 12

The Revolving Door

Revolving Door Party
These people have actual revolving door parties!
It has been a long time since my last post but I'm still around and life is good. Over the past couple of months we have had 13 people come and stay with us. Yes this was a new record even for me. I totally blame my husband as he is a serious social duck and invited all these folks :) I considered installing one of these doors. All kidding aside it was an exercise of true hospitality for me and an opportunity to serve the Lord in a way that pleased my husband and hopefully was a blessing to those who entered our home. I did enjoy having people from as far away as Myanmar and Papua New Guinea and getting to visit with friends and family we had not seen in a long time. My mom comes this weekend and she knows I'm pretty burn-out by now so it will be good to just have some down time with her. We like to do projects together like paint or decorate but not this time. I still have one more person coming for a 2 week visit after my mom leaves but that will be it for a while, I hope so anyway!!!

Running has been going well and my mileage is building. I complete last week with 30 miles on these old legs and Lord willing will finish out this week with 32 miles on the books. I'm trying to get up to around 40 miles a week. It seems to be taking me a lot longer this time to re-build but I made it through summer! Wow! was it hawt! Our weather dropped about 10 degrees this week and it has helped my pace somewhat. With school starting and almost all the company gone I'm looking forward to blogging and racing again. First on the schedule is a old favorite; The Tulsa Run a local 15k that holds a special place in my heart. I would like to see myself run a good time but I'm not sure with the hills and having done zero hill training this year... The race is Oct. 27th so the weather should be pretty brisk. Next on the schedule is The Fort Worth Marathon (1/2 for me) in November. I am seriously running this for the bling! They give a belt buckle instead of the traditional medal to all the finishers! I am so there!!!

Well for now blogging is going to continue to take a back seat until the last of our company leaves. In the mean time I will peak in on your blogs and enjoy catching up with your lives. No doubt I'll be back! to talk about running, races, post some photos and continue our journey of running and life together.

Press on

Friday, June 29

And the Winner is...

Well I didn't get around to posting pictures of our vacation yet this week but I did get this;

I was accepted into the lottery and will be running my second Houston Chevron 1/2 Marathon! Yipee!

Sunday, June 24

Motel Texas!

Our vacation was wonderful! I had some issues with altitude so I was unable to run while we were there but we had a couple of great hikes enjoyed white water rafting as well as riding ATV's. It was a busy vacation. I'll try and get around to posting a few pictures this week.

Since returning home we have received numerous calls from friends and family all wanting to come for a visit. We will be having company every month this summer starting this weekend!!! When I say summer, it actually is extending into September where we will have company twice in one month!!!  My son will actually be in school by then and I’m looking at having to adjust my homeschool schedule. To say I'm a little stressed would be an understatement. I’m excited to see and have friends and family wanting to visit but it would be a bit easier if y’all would spread it out a little I need a lot of prayer and have been doing a lot of praying myself as I prepare for many guest coming this summer.

Running has been going incredibly well! I have been running pain free for weeks now. The heat is another story but things are going so well I want to continue to work through the summer. I still need to lose some weight so I decided to try something I have never done. I joined this group of ladies and I'm hoping the accountability will be just the motivation I need to succeed. You can check Jess out here

Posting will be pretty minimal over this busy summer, as if it isn't already, although I continue to read and be inspired by your blogs I will be a bit MIA from posting for a while. Y'all keep it real!

Pressing on!

Thursday, May 31

"I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; From where shall my help come? My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth..."

Let the adventure begin!!!

Sunday, May 27

My Running Partner has the Etiquette of a Dog

Having a four legged running partner can have all sorts of challenges. My pup Shadow (AKA "the toddler") could learn a few things about speed work. His idea of speed work involves spontaneous, unplanned sprints, such as when one spots a squirrel or rabbit on the side of the running trail. I don't know about you but spotting a rabbit or squirrel makes me want to burst into speed work. Also he should learn that sniffing the back side of your fellow four legged runner when passing is not good form. Of course good etiquette starts at home and Shadow recently learned that running shoes are not bones and should NOT be buried in the back yard! It took me 2 days to find my shoe that was covered in a dirt hole at least 12 inches deep, I kid you not! Notice the guilty looks on both their faces when confronted!
The yellow lab is the brains and he's her henchman!
Actually Shadow is a really great pup and a steady running partner that does well at staying the course. If I let him lead, he actually runs a perfect 10 min. pace, it's amazing. My favorite part of having a four legged running partner is on the way home looking at his happy face hanging out the window. Shadow may have the running etiquette of a dog but he's my running partner and a good one at that.

This is where we are staying while in Breck!
We leave in a few days for Breckenridge Colorado. I've never been to Colorado so this will be a treat for me. I hope to run a couple of times while there but I want to see how the higher altitude will make me feel. It has been really heating up here in the South so a week in the mountains will be a nice break. Running has been going very well, praise the Lord! I feel like I have turned a corner recently and really getting in a grove. Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far.

Pressing on, 

Monday, April 30


Do you remember the girl's baseball movie, A League of their Own, which includes the unforgettable assertion: “There’s no crying in baseball!” As I've been trying to build back up my mileage for what seems like forever, I’ve thought of another scene from that movie. Dottie, the main character, has determined to leave, right at the climax of the season. The manager says to her, “…sneaking out like this, quitting, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Baseball is what gets inside you. It's what lights you up, you can't deny that. She replies,It just got too hard. And he responds: It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it great.” What a great reminder!

Since my fall last July and the subsequent foot issue it has been difficult to get my mileage back up. Right now most of my runs are a lot of self talk and slow progress. But this is life isn't it. Life is filled with difficulties. As a Christian running is just an extension of my life, a life God has called me to, a life with eternal implications. Moreover, as a follower of Jesus Christ I am promised, not ease and comfort, but trouble and persecution. Life will have challenges and difficulties. In short, it will be hard. We live in a broken world, and our bodies and the struggles we have are just part of the evidence of that. But as any runner knows running gets inside you, it's what lights you up and we endure the hard stuff because we understand that's part of what makes it so great! If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it...It’s the hard that makes it great!

Wednesday, April 25


I'm a bit of a vocabulary geek. I like learning new words and get kiddy when listening to someone who has a large vocabulary. Lately the word longevity has been on my mind. defines longevity as: a long individual life; great duration of individual life: length of service, and tenure. My favorite definition came from Merriam Webster which defined longevity as: a long continuance: permanence, durability. I was recently looking through the race photos of a race a friend just ran and one I hope to run next year. As I was thumbing through the various shots taken of the race I saw her, not my friend, but her, "the alpine lady." Well, that's what I named her when I would see her on the running trail every morning around 5:30am. I nick-named her that because she always wore support hose under her running shorts and layered her tops in such a way that it made me think about something you might see in the Alps. It's really my weird way of seeing things than me making fun of her. Actually I think she was on to the whole idea of compression wear long before it is what it is today. Anyway there she was 16+ years later plugging away at that race. Out of curiosity I looked up her age and discovered she is 65 years old. During the years I saw her every morning I lived near and ran a particular part of the trails on Riverside Drive in Tulsa. Even though we never met we would exchange a friendly hello. As any runner knows there’s a common comradery that comes with seeing the same faces every morning. Lately I've been running a particular trail here in Houston and the same thing is happening. Those familiar faces that don't have names but you share those moments along the way. Who knows maybe they have a nick-name for me... I hope that longevity, continuance and durability will be definers in my life, not only in running but in my relationships as well.

Speaking of running it has been going VERY well!!! I got rid of that silly foot pad which seemed to be causing more issues than helping and amazingly I have had very little to NO foot pain. Praise the Lord!!! My race schedule is filling up fast for the Fall and my hopes are high that things will be back on track for seeing some long desired goals met this year.

Do you have nick-names for people you see on your running trails?

Wednesday, March 14

The "Perfect" Weight

At my "perfect" weight
If you have been following this blog for anytime you know the issue of loosing weight has been a topic of discussion. I am still trying to drop as much as 20lbs! wow why does that look so large in type. Probably like many of you I have counted every bite that has gone in my mouth, exercised an insane amount of time only to step on the dreaded scale and see no change! Recently I had to do a hard amount of soul searching and admit I had a unhealthy, and as a Christan, unbiblical mind-set about my weight. So with Gods help I'm focusing on being healthy rather than focus on a number on the scale. One thing I stopped doing was weighing myself regularly. So yesterday I decided since I had not weighed myself in about a month I wanted to see if my weight had dropped. At the same time I knew I needed to be careful with my attitude no matter what the scale read. In my mind I thought if I don't know the exact number it wouldn't be as hard. So not wanting to see the number I thought I would be clever and ask my daughter for some assistance. I told her I was going to step on the scale and only wanted her to answer one question. The question was "is my weight below ___lbs?" (y'all didn't really think I was going to tell you the number now). All I really wanted to know was had I gotten past this particular number that my body seems to camp on. So I step on the scale and ask the question at which time she replies "well (long pause) it's not below____lbs but you are only about 6lbs away" ha ha ha! Okay 6lbs+___lbs= no weight loss!!! hilarious! I forgot to tell her this was a yes or no question-lol. Although I was not crazy about finding out I had not lost weight I had to laugh at my daughters attempt to make the news brighter. As a mom with two girls I want them to have a healthy mind-set about weight and not be defined by the number on a scale. I hope in some small way the laughter we shared yesterday conveyed that message clearly. I am thankful today that I can continue to move forward in becoming a healthier me both inside and out!

Do you have number in your head that says this is my "perfect" weight?

Monday, March 12

Princess and the Pea

It feels like Spring in Texas and with it a sense of renewal, the hope and promise of brighter days ahead. That's how I am feeling lately! I'm entering my 3rd week of pain free running! Well I say pain free in the sense of nothing hurting bad enough to keep me off my feet! Praise God! I completed 20-25 miles total each week the past two weeks! I know that's low but I am ecstatic about it! I have had some typical soreness and age related aches and pains but for the most part my ability to increase my mileage and frequency has my running day's looking up. I have been overwhelmed with thanksgiving to God for what seems to be the return of my running mojo. It has helped to have sworn off all shoes with even a slight heel. Also I'm using a little pad in my shoe that is hopefully taking some of the pressure off the metatarsal. I'm not crazy about feeling this lump in my shoe where the pad is stationed but if it's helping I'll keep it in there. I have never needed to wear any type of pad or orthotic in all my years of running, so it feels odd. I'm not even sure it is helping. My favorite fairy tale growing up was "Princess and the Pea" I must have read that story a hundred times. Soooooo if I feel the lump in my shoe does that make me a princess! Oh I hope so, I need all the help I can get! Have a great week of running!

Pressing on,

Saturday, March 3

22 Years and Counting

I was not planning to take a break from blogging but life sort of got real busy these past 4 weeks.

My husband and I are celebrating our 22nd anniversary today. We are planning to go to the rodeo :) We love doing things like that. Should be a fun time with my beloved!

 Running has been going very well the past couple of weeks. I ran 5 miles today which is the longest I've run in a while. As of today my running has been completely pain free! I have really sensed the Lord drawing me close to Him and bring much healing both physically and emotionally. I have learned a lot from this season...I will tell you it has not been without tears as I have had to consider giving up running all together. But God. Yes God, has had all of this in control and seems to be moving me out of this wilderness season into a season of hope. I know that tomorrow I could step out that door trip and fall or experience pain that keeps me from running. I hope that doesn't happen but if it did I hope I have learned to worship Him and trust Him in everything.  I have a long way to go. Looking forward to reading about several of you running races today.

Pressing on for His glory and fame,


Thursday, February 2

Wow! two post in one week! Unfortunately it's because running this week has had to take a back seat. I tried to run yesterday but it was pretty awful! I managed to endure 4 miles but it was all about pain management. Even my knee started to hurt which I think was from probably adjusting my gait to compensate for the foot pain. I also had this lower leg pain show up. I was a mess out running yesterday. Actually the lower leg pain was the worst of all three I was experiencing. I have had this pain before in the front of my leg from time to time which seems to happen when I increase mileage. But normally after a few runs at the new distance my leg adjust and I don't have the pain anymore. Since I took two days off to rest my foot it was a surprise to have this area hurting. The worst part about it is it is all the same leg! ugh! As I was running I thought if I could have a new left leg this run would be great! sigh! I haven't decided if I am going to run today or not. This area in the front of my leg is hurting right now so I'm not real thrilled to get out there and run in pain again. Anyone know what this could be or have had similar pain? I circled the area that hurts in the picture below. As you can see it is not my shin. It feels real good when I massage or roll it. I sure would like to know what it is. I've tried googling it but it keeps giving me information about shin splints. The pain is not in my shin but that big muscle on the front side of my lower leg.
In other news I have had to re-adjust my schedule of races this year already. The one run in Oklahoma I had hoped to run In May they moved the date up an entire month! We can't go in April while my son is still in school. The Wounded Warrior run in June was the one I really, really, really, wanted to run the most. But it too will have to be another time. We had serious time restraints this year with the time share we use for vacations and of course it happened to be the same weekend! I can't complain as I am looking very forward to vacationing in Colorado this year. The beach is always my first choice but the mountains are a close second. Between the leg pains and schedule changes life has really put a crunch in my Spring/Summer "come-back" ( y'all didn't know this was my come-back year did ya ;) ) When I look at all that is happening I could get discouraged real quick...between the pain I'm experiencing and the 180 in my race schedule things are feeling a bit challenging. Life is not going the way I would like it. It's funny how when you purpose to be more steadfast that life has a way of coming along and bumping your glass of water. Thankfully purposing to honor the Lord by being steadfast is helping me to focus through this time of disappointment and adjustment. I know that He is in the business of teaching me to live (which includes running) from the inside out. All of this stuff that is happening on the outside of my life He is wanting me to deal with from the inside out. I know He is wanting me to worship Him regardless... So I will not grit my teeth and force my way, I will not ask why, I will not buckle... but rather be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water..."But his delight is in the law of the LORD"...

Planted by the waters,


Wednesday, February 1

These Boots Were Made for Walking...

You will never catch me running one of these!!!

I have not been able to run this week so far because of foot pain. I'm mad at myself because it's my fault my foot is hurting! I stupidly choose to wear high heels Sunday! I wore my boots to church thinking the heel was not that high but within a short time my foot was killing me!! I ended up on my feet and walking a lot Sunday which was not planned. It wasn't long before I was grumpy and limping. Thankfully my oldest daughter wears the same size shoe as I do and she kindly switched shoes with me. Really she just wanted to stop hearing me complain! Unfortunately by then it was too late. Sunday was eye opening to the fact that I can not wear ANY heels, not even a standard boot heel. And since running is a priority over vanity I wave the white flag. Really it's not so much vanity as I just own more heels than I do flats. Also being married to a guy who is 6'3 and I'm 5'3 I could use a little height. I guess it's time to go buy some FLAT shoes. So no more heels, not even my boots anymore! Good-bye boots! sniff, sniff...

I guess it means I can't sing this song anymore either :). I know this video will date me, although I was only a toddler when this song hit the charts I remember singing and dancing to it as a child :) I dare you not to dance while it plays.

Have a great week running!

Wednesday, January 25

His Heart Beats in Every Step

Mind: (the Word)
In addition to my scripture reading I’ve been reading through; The Heart of Christ by Thomas Goodwin. The book specifically looks at passages of scripture that show how Christ love and attitude toward us is demonstrated in His life on earth and His life in heaven . It is written in old English which makes me laugh sometimes, but can pack a punch in fewer words. This excerpt talks about how Christ love is seen through the gift of His Spirit;

"...It is the Spirit which speaks in Christ's name, even as himself is said to speak from heaven, Heb. 12: 25. And when you pray, it is the Spirit that " makes intercession for you" in your own hearts, Rom. 8: 26, which intercession of his, is but the evidence and echo of Christ's intercession in heaven. The Spirit prays in you, because Christ prays for you: he is an intercessor on earth, because Christ is an intercessor in heaven. He also follows us to the sacrament, and in that glass (mirror) shows us Christ's face smiling on us; and thus we go away rejoicing that we saw our Savior that day." 

Body: (health)
I have been on a mission since purging all holiday junk food to eat as clean as possible. I have had great success but have not lost ANY weight even though I am tracking calories and eating well. While I was out yesterday I got a salad from Panera Bread. When I got home and checked the calories on-line I was SHOCKED!!! This so-called "healthy" salad had a whopping 560 calories!!! and 34g of fat!!!(yep you read that right) what!?!? It had two tiny containers of a vinaigrette dressing, hardly any cheese and just a sprinkle of nuts! I still can't figure it out. Good thing I had the calories to spare that day. I'm not sure why the weight is not dropping when I am tracking calories like it's my job and eating well??? I am trying not to focus too much on the numbers for now just maintaining a clean diet.

Spirit: (running)
Running continues to go well! I laid out a 1/2 marathon plan that should have me back up to 1/2 marathon distance by mid April. I have enjoyed virtually pain-free running so far. My mileage this week is still low but building: Mon. 4mi, Tue. 4mi. and today another 4! I hope to finish out the week with 4's and a LR of 5 on Sat. Not much of a long run I know but I'm happy to be running at all. Although I still feel like I am having to push it a bit physically my spirit could run forever! I am so very thankful that I sense His Spirit drawing me into a place of worship while I do something I love so much. I never feel alone while I run as I sense His heart beat in every step...

Thursday, January 19

Back to Our Regulaly Scheduled Program

If this post had sound it would sound like a big Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! After our  prolonged Christmas/New Year hangover life has been better this week. The holiday's just seem to come with everything disorganized, not enough sleep and too much sugar in our systems to think straight. With holiday company gone we are back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Mind: (the Word)
I have been spending a lot of time meditating on John chapters 13-17. This was Christ last conversations with His disciples before His crucifixion and resurrection. During my studies I wondered, if I knew this would be my last conversation with those that I love, if I wanted my thoughts and affections toward them to leave a lasting impression, what would I say? What would I do? I'm not sure washing 12 set of dirty feet would be on the top of my thoughts, yet this action best communicated Christ thoughts and affections at that time...I have so much to learn to be like Him.

Body: (health)
I have been really working on eating clean and already feel so much better. This was lunch on
Wednesday and was so satisfying, I think I'll have another today!Green vegetables such as spinach are good sources of magnesium.(chlorophyll which gives green vegetables their color contains magnesium) Magnesium is a key player in nerve and muscle relaxation. But don't take my word for it learn about it here. 
Spirit: (healing)
Running has been back on track and after taking a little over a week off. I started back Monday with a 5 mile run which was a bit ambitious because I could hardly sit down with out holding on to something on Tues. oops! Tues. I took it easy with a 3 mile run. I took Wens. off to allow some of the soreness to subside and did a 3 mile run this morning. I've got my heart set on building back to higher mileage weeks and if the Lord allows I hope to be back on track by Spring. I am thankful my foot seems to be holding out well.

                                                          Little by little one walks far.

Saturday, January 14

Better Late than Never

    Now that my mother-in-love has left I feel like I can really begin to get serious about moving forward toward some of my goals for 2012. Just a few minutes ago I purged all left-over junk out of the fridge and cabinets that made it's way into this house over the holiday's. I purposely did very little holiday baking but between gifts and other festivities I cooked for we ended up with pies, cookies, birthday cake, etc... I normally allow myself a bit of indulgence with moderation, but for what ever reason I found myself just mindlessly stuffing my face over the past few weeks! UGH! Between the big dinners I was fixing for various  friends and family, eating sweets and getting in very little running my body literally feels ill !!! So it's time to detox both the kitchen and my body. Better late than never! Do you ever feel ill after eating a big meal or too much sugar? I know I do and it feels gross!!!

In other news the Olympic Trials as well as the Chevron Houston marathon has made this town a buzz of activity! I so wanted to hit up the expo and watch the trials downtown but had to take my husbands mom to the airport which happened to be around the same time. I know it's going to turn out to be a fun weekend for y'all. And what perfect race weather we have too. We southerners know how to do it right y'all.

I can't wait to read all the race reports and PR's that I'm sure are going to happen. Happy running!

Sunday, January 8

I'm still Here!

Just checking in to let y'all know I'm still here! My husbands mom is here visiting for another week from Oklahoma. Busy times mean no time to post. I've been reading your blogs and getting some great info on training as well as getting pumped-up for the Olympic Trials here in Houston!

It's count down time for those of y'all running the Chevron Houston Marathon!! It's been pretty warm the past few days so come prepared for some Southern humidity and hospitality! Happy running y'all !!!

Sunday, January 1

2011 Reflections and Word/Verse for 2012

First let me start with a little explanation...a few years ago I met the wonderful Jane through blogland. Jane comes up with a "word and verse" every New Year. I liked the idea so much that I started doing that myself. The neatest thing happened, that one little word became a simple reminder of a goal or objective throughout the year. It would also serve as a mantra in running. Last year my word was "thrive" and sometimes saying that one word to myself would help me to re-focus on the bigger picture. This year after much wrestling contemplation I came up with my word;

Steadfast: marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable; firm and dependable especially in loyalty
Synonyms: permanent, abiding, enduring, lasting, steadfast, changeless, fixed, unchangeable, constant, persistent, durable, stable, unbendable, unshakable, unfaltering, steady, unwavering, undeviating, firm
Antonyms: inconstant, irresolute

Yesterday during my devotions this verse just seemed to be the key one to mark 2012;

"He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season And its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers". Psalm1:3
Although it doesn't necessarily use the word steadfast, it is definitely applied!
How is this person steadfast? It's found in the previous verse; "But his delight is in the law of the Lord, And in His law he meditates day and night"

Reflections of 2011
As I reflected back over this year, especially the last 5 months or so I really don't like what I see...I am not complaining or going into "looser-land" here but rather being very honest. It's easy for me to hide behind the curtain of this blog, only letting you see what would make ME look or sound perfect normal. But y'all know life can be really hawrd and it's really easy to get knocked down. I see a lot of areas where I am missing the mark. Where my actions and choices resulted in "reactive chaos" rather than obedience to the God I love. Most, if not all of what I see is the result of not being steadfast, not being firm, resolute or abiding. Allowing life's circumstances, the way I'm feeling at the's challenges, the ups and downs affect me to the point of wavering;
"...For he that wavers is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed." James 1:6
So this year closes for me on a bitter-sweet note...I am thankful for a fresh start!  I am thankful for a God who will enable me to be more steadfast this year. I am thankful for a God "who is able to do abundantly more than we ask or think"

Do you have a word you've chosen for this year?

Have Your Way...