Saturday, October 13


Just a quick update...the last of the company left on Wednesday and although it was a nice visit I'm glad to be done spinning around this revolving door for a while! My husband returned back from his missions trip to Mexico on Friday safe and sound and its good to have him home. My running continues to turn a corner and I give thanks to God for His strength daily and for the continued healing to my knee and foot. Today I ran a local 5k race for the Wounded Warrior Project. The course was a bit technical in that it had 11 turns, yes 11 in a 3 mile race! Also it was rolling at times so I had difficulty keeping a steady pace. It was not a PR but I am happy considering. It WAS though my first ever AG win and I took 1st!!! Technically it was 3 age groups (40-59)! The gal who took 2nd was on my heels the entire race. I thought she might be in the lower range of our AG. She moved over next to me right before the gun went off and stayed behind me the entire way except for the end when her husband showed up on the course and began to encourage her to pass me! I wasn't sure who had already crossed the finish so I knew if I let her get in front of me it could be the difference between a 3rd or 4th place finish. I took off like a bat out-a-hell and I don't think she (or her husband) was expecting the kick I gave at the end. I have always had a good end kick but I surprised even myself-snort! When I saw her move next to me with the finish line a good .25 away I thought about Steve Prefontaine's philosophy and knew that the difference between the two of us would come down to who was willing to suffer more. IT WAS THE LONGEST SPRINT OF MY LIFE!!! hahaha!!! I gave everything I had today and ran with all my heart. All honor goes to my Lord who enabled me to run this race to His glory and for His praise.
I look forward to slowing down in a couple of weeks for the Tulsa Run but this was a boost and a great way to start out my fall season of racing!

This last sprint was a 6:16 pace!!! hence the face of suffering

with the race director and 2nd place finisher
I LOVE the shape of the trophy :)


Raina said...

This was the BEST read of my DAY!!
I am so thrilled for you!!
You deserve every bit of that award and TEXAS-sized smile, Terri.
Loved how you made sure to do the longest sprint of your life and the little snort too :)

Keep it up! I want to read another like this :)

And about God's glory and healing--Amen!!

fancy nancy said...

Glad to hear your husband is back safe and sound! A HUGE congrats on you win!!!!! I agree with Raina.... You deserve it all!!!

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Wow!! Way to go, Teri! I love your final sprint at the end- you're absolutely right, those finally yards are all about who can suffer more. :)

Kate said...

so awesome! seeing it on fb was great but seeing and reading more here was just awesome! anyone who can kick it at the end of the race is just awesome! i struggle so much with the finish! way to go terri!!!