Thursday, October 25

The Victory Run

I'm feeling very emotional about going to Tulsa to run this weekend. I feel so blessed to be back to run, something I had lost the ability to do before we left two years ago. Although I ran some it had taken on a different tone...colored by anxiety and worry. To be going back to Tulsa to run a race feels like an incredible gift...the gift is NOT that I CAN run but rather, the fact that my running gives overwhelming testament to God's faithfulness and goodness toward me. Does that make sense??? I just know that my heart feels full of praise and thanksgiving. "...but in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us" They call it the Tulsa Run but I'm calling it the Conquers run!


Raina said...

I hope you had a powerful experience today! Yes, He is GOOD and faithful.

Hoping that you are recovering well now, Terri, and feeling a full measure of his blessing.

TX Runner Mom said...

Yep, it makes total sense! Best of luck in the Conquers run! :-)