Wednesday, January 25

His Heart Beats in Every Step

Mind: (the Word)
In addition to my scripture reading I’ve been reading through; The Heart of Christ by Thomas Goodwin. The book specifically looks at passages of scripture that show how Christ love and attitude toward us is demonstrated in His life on earth and His life in heaven . It is written in old English which makes me laugh sometimes, but can pack a punch in fewer words. This excerpt talks about how Christ love is seen through the gift of His Spirit;

"...It is the Spirit which speaks in Christ's name, even as himself is said to speak from heaven, Heb. 12: 25. And when you pray, it is the Spirit that " makes intercession for you" in your own hearts, Rom. 8: 26, which intercession of his, is but the evidence and echo of Christ's intercession in heaven. The Spirit prays in you, because Christ prays for you: he is an intercessor on earth, because Christ is an intercessor in heaven. He also follows us to the sacrament, and in that glass (mirror) shows us Christ's face smiling on us; and thus we go away rejoicing that we saw our Savior that day." 

Body: (health)
I have been on a mission since purging all holiday junk food to eat as clean as possible. I have had great success but have not lost ANY weight even though I am tracking calories and eating well. While I was out yesterday I got a salad from Panera Bread. When I got home and checked the calories on-line I was SHOCKED!!! This so-called "healthy" salad had a whopping 560 calories!!! and 34g of fat!!!(yep you read that right) what!?!? It had two tiny containers of a vinaigrette dressing, hardly any cheese and just a sprinkle of nuts! I still can't figure it out. Good thing I had the calories to spare that day. I'm not sure why the weight is not dropping when I am tracking calories like it's my job and eating well??? I am trying not to focus too much on the numbers for now just maintaining a clean diet.

Spirit: (running)
Running continues to go well! I laid out a 1/2 marathon plan that should have me back up to 1/2 marathon distance by mid April. I have enjoyed virtually pain-free running so far. My mileage this week is still low but building: Mon. 4mi, Tue. 4mi. and today another 4! I hope to finish out the week with 4's and a LR of 5 on Sat. Not much of a long run I know but I'm happy to be running at all. Although I still feel like I am having to push it a bit physically my spirit could run forever! I am so very thankful that I sense His Spirit drawing me into a place of worship while I do something I love so much. I never feel alone while I run as I sense His heart beat in every step...


Laura said...

Isn't it crazy what some salads add up to? I can never figure it out, either...mostly the dressing, i would assume. Yay for building back up to a half!

Raina said...

That book sounds wonderful.

The salads at restaurants are crazy! I never get them...scratch that. Sometimes I go for a McSalad with grilled chicken because I need something green.

Thanks for sharing how your spirit is in tune in your running. I love that.

Keri said...

I have never had a salad before. You are probably really thinking I am super weird now, right! I remember in Junior High watching my friend pour a ton of dressing on a salad and talked about how healthy her snack was versus my chocolate chip cookie. Um yeah, her's had way more fat than mine did!

Glad you are getting back at it! You are getting back into the right way!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

When your mileage gets higher, or if you add in other exercising, I think you'll see the weight drop. That's what I'm expecting for myself, anyway!