Sunday, January 8

I'm still Here!

Just checking in to let y'all know I'm still here! My husbands mom is here visiting for another week from Oklahoma. Busy times mean no time to post. I've been reading your blogs and getting some great info on training as well as getting pumped-up for the Olympic Trials here in Houston!

It's count down time for those of y'all running the Chevron Houston Marathon!! It's been pretty warm the past few days so come prepared for some Southern humidity and hospitality! Happy running y'all !!!


Raina said...

Will you be able to catch any of the olympic trials? How exciting that you ware right there!
I understand about life getting busy. Have a great visit!

fancy nancy said...

How cool that you have that right in your backyard!! Enjoy your time with the hubs!

Jessica Washburn said...

My folks fly in from Austin this weekend...they're here for almost 3 weeks so I'll be MIA soon too. Yay for the Olympic trials.

Terri said...

Raina, My mother-in-love leaves that day but I'm hoping they still might be going on between trips to the airport and home!!!