Sunday, June 24

Motel Texas!

Our vacation was wonderful! I had some issues with altitude so I was unable to run while we were there but we had a couple of great hikes enjoyed white water rafting as well as riding ATV's. It was a busy vacation. I'll try and get around to posting a few pictures this week.

Since returning home we have received numerous calls from friends and family all wanting to come for a visit. We will be having company every month this summer starting this weekend!!! When I say summer, it actually is extending into September where we will have company twice in one month!!!  My son will actually be in school by then and I’m looking at having to adjust my homeschool schedule. To say I'm a little stressed would be an understatement. I’m excited to see and have friends and family wanting to visit but it would be a bit easier if y’all would spread it out a little I need a lot of prayer and have been doing a lot of praying myself as I prepare for many guest coming this summer.

Running has been going incredibly well! I have been running pain free for weeks now. The heat is another story but things are going so well I want to continue to work through the summer. I still need to lose some weight so I decided to try something I have never done. I joined this group of ladies and I'm hoping the accountability will be just the motivation I need to succeed. You can check Jess out here

Posting will be pretty minimal over this busy summer, as if it isn't already, although I continue to read and be inspired by your blogs I will be a bit MIA from posting for a while. Y'all keep it real!

Pressing on!

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Kate said...

Pain Free - YAY!!!! So awesome to hear that! Yep, I know that altitude to run in would have been tough if you are not used to it. I could feel it a little from time to time just a 4200! Get lots of Stouffers for when your company comes! I know that feeling - I'll pray for you :)))