Thursday, February 2

Wow! two post in one week! Unfortunately it's because running this week has had to take a back seat. I tried to run yesterday but it was pretty awful! I managed to endure 4 miles but it was all about pain management. Even my knee started to hurt which I think was from probably adjusting my gait to compensate for the foot pain. I also had this lower leg pain show up. I was a mess out running yesterday. Actually the lower leg pain was the worst of all three I was experiencing. I have had this pain before in the front of my leg from time to time which seems to happen when I increase mileage. But normally after a few runs at the new distance my leg adjust and I don't have the pain anymore. Since I took two days off to rest my foot it was a surprise to have this area hurting. The worst part about it is it is all the same leg! ugh! As I was running I thought if I could have a new left leg this run would be great! sigh! I haven't decided if I am going to run today or not. This area in the front of my leg is hurting right now so I'm not real thrilled to get out there and run in pain again. Anyone know what this could be or have had similar pain? I circled the area that hurts in the picture below. As you can see it is not my shin. It feels real good when I massage or roll it. I sure would like to know what it is. I've tried googling it but it keeps giving me information about shin splints. The pain is not in my shin but that big muscle on the front side of my lower leg.
In other news I have had to re-adjust my schedule of races this year already. The one run in Oklahoma I had hoped to run In May they moved the date up an entire month! We can't go in April while my son is still in school. The Wounded Warrior run in June was the one I really, really, really, wanted to run the most. But it too will have to be another time. We had serious time restraints this year with the time share we use for vacations and of course it happened to be the same weekend! I can't complain as I am looking very forward to vacationing in Colorado this year. The beach is always my first choice but the mountains are a close second. Between the leg pains and schedule changes life has really put a crunch in my Spring/Summer "come-back" ( y'all didn't know this was my come-back year did ya ;) ) When I look at all that is happening I could get discouraged real quick...between the pain I'm experiencing and the 180 in my race schedule things are feeling a bit challenging. Life is not going the way I would like it. It's funny how when you purpose to be more steadfast that life has a way of coming along and bumping your glass of water. Thankfully purposing to honor the Lord by being steadfast is helping me to focus through this time of disappointment and adjustment. I know that He is in the business of teaching me to live (which includes running) from the inside out. All of this stuff that is happening on the outside of my life He is wanting me to deal with from the inside out. I know He is wanting me to worship Him regardless... So I will not grit my teeth and force my way, I will not ask why, I will not buckle... but rather be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water..."But his delight is in the law of the LORD"...

Planted by the waters,



TX Runner Mom said...

I am sorry to read about your leg pain. I'm not sure what it could be, but I hope someone has some answers for you! Until then, ice and then ice some more. Hope it heals quickly!

Black Knight said...

I am very sorry for your pain.
I had the same pain but with it I ran a terrible race last sunday. Now the pain is only inside the knee. My phisyo said that it is not a problem, I only overloaded my injured leg (I got 2 surgeries in 2007 and 2008). The cure for me is: 4 days off (this is my 4th) and to run no more than every other day until the day I heal completely.
I hope you get well soon.

Keri said...

Hi Terri! Could it be muscle compartment syndrome? When I had a stress fracture last year, this came up as an option while I was Googling. I hope it gets better. I am with you, I love the beach, but will take the mountains any day as well. :)

Raina said...

Maybe it's the peroneal tendon?

Laura said...

Ugh, injuries are so frustrating! If it's the same leg, it's probably connected... could be overcompensating for the foot... I agree that it may be a tendon or muscle pull/strain, but have no experience with it. If it doesn't improve with RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevating), definitely get checked by a sports med dr, good luck!

Wendy said...

So sorry to hear about the pain, Terri. I hope it heals quickly.

As for races, there's always TCM in October! That would be awesome!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I hope you heal soon. I know it's hard to wait, though!

Raina said...

Whenever I read your stuff I start to cry- the last bit really got me again today, about being a tree firmly planted and about someone bumping your cup of water.
I hope you have a fantastic vacation in Colorado.

Still not sure about your leg- but maybe check this link??

16 Elements said...

I have that exact same pain in that exact same muscle.. sometimes one leg, sometimes both. It usually works itself out during a run but this past week it lasted for days wouldn't go away. It's not shins. I'm like you would love to know the name/cause/cure.

16 Elements said...

Article(s) that might help:

FB Post / Answer (I belong to 2 Running Clubs and have friends that are Trainers):

How do you warm up? That is the tibialis anterior and actually can affect the shin, but most times hurts due to improper warm up or overstriding. How have you been pacing? Have you upped mileage by more than 10% in a week? Ice and rest is best to reduce inflammation and pain. Do dynamic stretching of the calf by doing calf raises before running, and reduce stride. Also, how uneven is your running route?

I should have just emailed you... LOL... I walk a bit to warm up, overstriding is an issue. I didn't know this until about a week ago when I read it in a running book. I take very long strides. Pace is slow, slower when there's pain. I went from 4 miles to 5 miles in distance so technically, yes, greater than 10%. Calf Raises? Route right now is flat, very flat. Working on speed and distance rather than strength.

Looks like you are doing all the things that bring this region pain. You need to do dynamic stretching before running more than walking for a warm up. I will send you my routine that I do with those I train. What is funny is yesterday I forgot the calf raise warm up and me and my trainee both had this pain through the run. Lol.

Here is my warm up routing, 10-12 reps of the following to warm up all leg group muscles and stretch for running. Don't do static stretching before runs. Squats, lunges, high knees, glute kicks, lateral or to the side and across leg swings, donkey kicks, bent over calf raises. Just think of your muscles as rubber bands, the warmer they are the better they move and stretch to the workout. The colder, the harder and more painful to move, and quicker to pop. To do the calf raise, bend over like an upside down v and place one foot on to top of other and raise your heel off floor and bring backdown, repeat with other side. I hope this helps.

~ Good Luck!