Tuesday, November 30

The Dust has Settled

After two moving trucks, hundreds of boxes, 5 weeks of company, the move is complete. We have officially become Texans! Even though it has been difficult to leave family, friends and many familiar things, I have so much to be thankful for. The move has become a time of great healing on many levels. I thought that the move would bring more challenges and difficulties but instead I have found it to be a time of growth and healing. My running took a serious back seat to the business of the move, but this past month I have been getting back in the swing of a routine and consistent running. Running in my neighborhood is a new thing for me, I prefer parks, but travel is an issue, so most weekly runs are in the neighborhood. I have discovered a park I LOVE and find my way there on Saturdays. Terry Hershey Park reminds me a lot of the River parks in Tulsa. Some of the trails are rolling with a few steep inclines, something I didn't expect to find in Texas. My longest long run so far was this past Saturday of 7 miles. It was slow going, no really I mean sloooooooow, but at least I got the mileage in. I am thankful to be getting back into the routine and look forward to experiencing the Houston (half) Marathon in January. I have not run in an actual race in a couple of years so it will be a bit challenging to negotiate such a large and unfamiliar race. I hope I can just relax and enjoy the moment. I'm sure it will be fun. Based on my current pace I am expecting to run my slowest half ever but, that's okay, a least that's what I keep telling myself=). In light of the year I have had and the many changes that I have recently had to deal with I think I have earned a break this one race. But only this one race because I have my sights on the Dallas Rock n Roll Half in March and then the Oklahoma City Marathon in April. I hope to see a major improvement on my times by then. I have been thinking about the full marathon in April, but would like to see my pace increase in the half first. we will see...if I have learned anything from this past year it's not to plan too far ahead and be flexible. Now I need to go do some dusting=)

My running schedule for this week is

Mon. 6 miles (done) in tank top and shorts
Tues. 5 miles (done) in jacket, gloves and hat (crazy weather)
Wens. 7 miles (whew!done!)
Thurs. off (thankful for this rest day)
Fri. 5 miles
Sat. 8 miles

Many blessings to you as you run the race.


Anonymous said...


Glad you're getting settled! We lived in San Antonio for 7 years and loved being Texans and having warm weather year round, and enjoyed lots of good Mexican food.

Your running is going great!

Have you found a church yet?

Mary Ann

Terri said...

Hi Mary Ann, so good to hear from you! We are loving the weather here and the Mexican food is terrific! We have been visiting a church called Bethel Church of Houston. The teaching is solid and it has provided some quality activities for the kids. The transition is slow and at times I struggle with contentment while waiting to build friendships, but God has brought so much healing through this move that the peace far outweighs any loss. Thanks for asking. Blessings to you.

Much Ado said...

Hi Terri, great to see you posting again. Glad to hear the move went well. Hope you all settle in quickly and find good friends and a church family. Good for you getting back to running again (and with great mileage already) and also for having races in mind to do!


Kate said...

awesome terri! i love hearing how wonderful the move has been instead of how hard they can be!! God is SO good, ALL the time!

ah, don't worry about your timing. it's so awesome just to be back out there running! you'll do great. just finishing a half will get that fuel back into your fire!!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Welcome to Houston! I've run at Terry Hershey Park when we lived closer to it. Nice park! Looks like some good races to look forward to. Have fun training!

Wendy said...

Glad to hear you are doing well, Terri!