Monday, January 10

Hello Lovahhhh!

My new discovery, LARABAR! I love, love, the flavors, the fact that they are a yummy low calorie snack. Also they are Gluten free and made with ingredients I would eat naturally, such as nuts and dates. You need to try these for sure. And the best part I can get them at my local grocery store, so convenient! And the taste well, hello lovahhh!!!

In other news:

Have you heard about the one night showing of the movie Hood to Coast. I am hoping to go. I remember when Spirit of the Marathon came out for one night. The theater was filled with runners. It was such a fun atmosphere kind of like a race and date night rolled into one. Below is the movie trailer.

Hood To Coast Full-Length Trailer from HoodToCoastMovie on Vimeo.

Hope you all have a blessed week.


Mary Ann said...

I love Lara bars too! Key lime pie, cherry pie, apple pie--yum! If you google it, you can find recipes to make your own Lara bars.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

I'm in love with the L.B. too. I love the lack of, a mile of ingredients. I was previously a Cliff Bar / Power Bar girl, but I love the simplicity of Lara. (also, I recently read the way soy protein isolate is produced may lead to cancer, and we think I thought I was doing something right with the soy. Urgh!)

Meg said...

I have never tired those bars, I can't believe it! I'll have to try them, the key lime sounds great!
I laughed at your comment you left...I actually saw a very elderly lady who is a dancer on tv the other night and she said she put her leg on the counter while she washed dishes, just so that she could get in some long stretches while she was busy with other things. I think I need to try that BEFORE using my feet for stirring. What do you think?
You cracked me up!

Kate said...

key lime and lemon - my faves! i bought a case of them. hard to keep around here!

i wanted to see that movie but now our roads are covered in snow and ice and we may not be able to get out tomorrow to see it. :(