Thursday, January 20

Taper Trauma

My running schedule this week has been pretty tough. First because I have had very low energy and secondly my left calf/shin/hip area has been super tight. My plan was to begin to taper on Saturday and not a day before. I was scheduled to do a middle distance run of 8 miles yesterday but between running at an odd time of day for me the fact it was 64 degrees when I left wearing a long sleeve shirt and tights I stopped at 6 miles. I wouldn't be so concerned if my last 13 mile run had been a good one but it was suffering the whole way. This has not made me feel very good about my ability for the race. I know I have been pushing the mileage since getting back into running in October. I have gone from about 15-20 miles a week to almost 40 miles a week in 3 months. I expect to be sore and stiff right now but I think what worries me the most is my erratic pace. I have always been able to find that "cruise" zone and hang there but I have not found it yet. I am still wrestling with wanting to have a time goal but its absolutely nuts for me to even go there. My training pace has been so slow this week. The other day I watched a short video clip by Ryan Hall about what he does the morning of a race and I knew what he was going to say. Yep, he doesn't do anything different on race morning than what he does every morning for his training run. I know that's what is missing for me because I have had such a short time of training I feel like I'm still learning what is working. You know Ryan never mentioned being concerned with what he was wearing on race day! Doesn't he know how important looking cute on race day can affect your performance-such a guy thing=) He is suppose to race the Houston Chevron (half) Marathon on Saturday. If I see him at the expo I plan to let him know that these things are also important considerations-lol

Well, sorry to make you listening to my rambling. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.


Kate said...

it sounds like your body is telling you to rest a little? i have/am learning to listen more attentively to how i feel during runs. sometimes i'm good, sometimes bad. those are given. but if you're feeling sore and tired, take a day or two or three off. you have a terrific base now and are are ready to go. rest will only help!

Kate said...

ps - that's just my two cents - not doctor's orders!! ;)

Terri said...

Oh Kate I feel like I need a break but keep talking myself out of it because I'm afraid it's going to affect my mileage too much. I got my confirmation card in the mail today and it is feeling very, very, real. Scary and exciting all at the same time. Thanks for your input. I think I will take today off,

Kim said...

I think resting a little would help things...not that I am an expert on races, but I just know that hlps me a lot when I am feeling sluggish on a longer run. I might take 2 days instead of one. What time are you aiming for in h race? What was your time for the 13 miles you ran the oher day?

Also, being cute on race day is important! I'm sure you will be! Let me know what you end up wearing. I need some new shorts for my race coming up. I've been eyeing som new asics shorts at the running store. I'm not sure what to wear as a top yet for early could be cold or just never know!

Terri said...

Kim I think I am going to take 2 days off. I had a schedule day off for tomorrow and went ahead and took off today as well. I hope this unplanned break will give me a better run on Saturday, which will be my last longer run before the race.

I ran the 13 miles last weekend in 2:20, which was actually the time, I was thinking would be doable. It is certainly not the time I would like to have but would be right in keeping with where my training level is.

I have gone kind of crazy with what to wear, as you know from my FB post-lol. I found a skirt/tight combo on Skirtsports that should be the ticket if the weather is not too warm. I wear tights most of the time anyway so they should work out. I tend to feel chilly on runs a lot. If there is anything I dislike its being cold. I found an ASICS long sleeve top that had this great pocket on the side. I bought it just for the pocket=) I do like ASICS shorts. Brooks has some really good stuff too.

Keri said...

Hi Terri! I agree, rest is important. You have a great base training and will be able to rock the half marathon. I have no doubt!

To answer your question about my goals for this year, I am going to *try* to qualify for Boston. It is going to be a lot of hard work, but I have to at least give it a try. Other than that, I am just trying to remember to be sweet to everyone I come in contact with and write five simple things that I am thankful for each day and really relish in the simple things in life.

I am so glad you have gotten settled in Houston and have been training for the half! I cannot wait to see how you do!

That Pink Girl said...

You are so right, the right outfit CAN make all the difference in how you feel before a race! ;0)
Don't beat yourself up during taper. Tapering by design makes you crazy - all that extra free time to obsess over every detail!!! You've put in the miles, hydrate, rest, relax and enjoy this part of "training" too!
Good luck next weekend!!!

Terri said...

Thank you sweet bloggy friends for the encouragement to rest! I took 2 days off and it helped so much!