Thursday, January 27

Singing In The Rain

This week has been crazy trying to figure out what I'm wearing on race day. Being new to Houston I have not had much experience with the up and down weather here. I have changed my out fit three times. I went from full length tights, to Capri's and now I have settled on a running skirt. I'm not too thrilled about showing my untanned old lady legs, but I will roast in anything more. What I'm really more concerned about is the 60% chance of rain in the forecast for Sundays race. I'm not afraid of a little rain, I'm not that much of a girly girl. As a matter of fact I ran Monday 5 miles in the pouring ran. I wore a hat on Mondays run but it was completely soaked through as well as the thin jacket I put on. I have nothing water proof to wear and it would probably be too hot if I did. Any suggestions on things you have tried with running in the rain would be appreciate?

Here's a preview of my something new for the jewelry box. I just hope I don't slobber all over who ever puts it around my neck as I choke back tears of victory.

In other news: thanks to a very sweet friends advice I have been in a more serious taper mode and have started carb loading. To my surprise I have been full of energy. Here was my Facebook status from this morning:
All this carb loading has me bouncing off the walls, but I am enjoying it a lot, really, I am, no I'm not hyper, just happy, oh I think I might dance, no wait I'm tapering no dancing, was that a squirrel, I think I need another pancake!!!

We are headed to the Expo on Friday I can't wait! Hope you all have a blessed weekend!


Kate said...

my advice is to at least wear a black shirt in the rain. i'm just sayin...! (works for me!)
sounds like the temps would be too warm for anything more in the way of a jacket. you could always wear an old sweatshirt the first few miles and discard along the road (some races donate these clothing articles to the homeless or shelters.)

Mary Ann said...

I wouldn't worry about the rain-it's going to be warm enough that you'll probably be okay. Although you could carry a small, cheap umbrella-I've run with one before, although not in a race! Don't wear a thin white shirt, though! I can't wait to hear how it goes for you Terri!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I'm wearing shorts, a short sleeved shirt or tank and a cap. If we get rain that cames straight at us with the wind, sunglasses will help shield our eyes from the rain. Enjoy the eating!