Saturday, January 22

Running: School Is In Session

Today was my last long run before the half next Sunday, I got in 9 miles. After two rest days in a row I could tell a huge difference in my energy and legs. Earlier in the week the thought of running nearly brought me to tears. I don't remember a time ever feeling like that. It was clear my body was saying REST! On the way to the park this morning I prayed and ask God to allow the run today to be a positive experience. Last weekends 13 miler was just so hard, I really needed a confidence booster. As soon as I arrived at the trail I turned on my Garmin and it flashed low battery, sure enough within 1 mile it went out. Then I was having some ipod issues and the fancy side pocket of my new tights made it a bit complicated to deal with. Also I was wearing my new hydration belt that I was having to fidget with trying to find the right spot on my hips. To top it all off I had tied my shoes to tight and had to stop to readjust. Within the first 3 miles I was starting to scold myself for my many rookie type mistakes. But you know what I decided instead of mentally beating myself up I really needed to check myself and attitude. Somewhere this week it all started becoming about my time and pace. As I grew more fatigued this week my pace slowed and my frustration built. Today I had a chance to regroup my mind. The fact that my watch battery died prevented me from obsessing about my pace. I had to just run with what felt natural...I had to let go of all the expectations...I had to be taught again its not about time or distance or any of those things. Its about learning... growing... thriving. By the end of the run my gratitude for just being able to get out there, put in the miles, enjoy God creation, learn to push through pain, overcome rookie mistakes and to allow myself to just be taught through the experience was all back in place. Running is a school and I am the student. I am so thankful for what running teaches me.


Kim said...

This is all so true! I like your perspective!

Terri said...

Thank you Kim, it really is a journey isn't it.