Thursday, January 6

I Got Me A Six Pack!!!!

This belt is so making my next wish list! This can also double as a new hydration belt right.

Okay enough of the funny stuff.

This DVD is really what I want to talk about. I was going to list my top 6 thoughts about the dvd to be kind of cutesy with my post, but I'm just too blame tired so read through the list twice okay.

1. I really think this woman is on drugs! a single 3-10lb. dumbbell is required and used somewhat like a weapon in a self defense class.

2. I should have known with names like, mountain climbers, chops, planks, rotations, did I mention planks, this dvd was going to make me WANT to take drugs.

3. Okay enough of the funny stuff. It had a lot more cardio/tone element to it than what I was expecting. Jillian says about the program that, "it burns overall body fat while also conditioning your core"

I don't think I will have 6-pack abs in 6 weeks because a lot of that is accomplished through diet. I will say you do several different versions of the plank so you use arms a lot. If you want a good Ab workout that's fast pace and tough then try the DVD.


Mark said...

Great post!!!

Terri said...

Thanks Mark! The return of joy has also brought my sense of humor out of the closet=)

Kate said...

and that you are - funny!!! too cute! that camo six pick belt cracked me up!!

Terri said...

Kate, I know you could so pull off using that belt on your next marathon! Now that WE are both Southerners we can do a little redneck, right?

Meg said...

I always wonder how much work, REALLY, it would take to have abs like Jillian. How much would I really have to alter my diet? Really!??
Funny post, you crack me up!

That Pink Girl said...

I've been looking for a really good ab workout. P90X Ab ripper just isn't doing it for me - and I DO
NOT have a strong core. Might have to check Jillian out. Wonder if she's at the library? Hmm...
Thanks for the review!