Tuesday, June 30

Pressing On

Okay this summer is already proving to be super busy. I have had very little time for posting. This past weekend I hosted a baby shower for one of our young adults. I love to decorate so I had so much fun putting it together. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and a joy for me to do for one of our young gals. Below are a couple of pictures.
I have been running pain free! I am upping my mileage this week a half mile to 3.5 This is will give my hip a chance to ease into it without putting on too much stress by adding a whole extra mile. I have a bit of a slower week so hopefully I can catch up with you all. Might the Lord be an
ever present help and comfort in your lives this week.


Mary Ann said...

I love your heart for hospitality and ministry. You're an encouragement to me!

Glad you're running is going well!

Summers are crazy, aren't they?

Kate said...

wow, that cake and those cupcakes look soooo tasty! you did a beautiful job with the decorating!

thrilled you are still pain free - how encouraging is that!!!

Much Ado said...

Wow, you hosted a great event! Everything is done so tastefully and all that food looks delicious. And I have to say I am partial to the colours (green, white and gold/orange....the irish flag! :))

And how great is that, that you are pain free!!! Yeah! :)

Wendy said...

Love it, you did a great job!

I think you are very wise to slowly up your mileage. I'm so glad you are running pain free!

Wendy said...

Hi Terri! Just stopping by to let you know I'm thinking of you. I hope you are having a great week w/your family!