Tuesday, June 9

Back on Track (Hopefully)

I just got done catching up with all of your postings. I know its only been a week but I feel like I missed so much...Jane's part 7 of her running story, Wendy's Marathon training starting, Mary Ann here in Tulsa and I don't even know that! Kate sounds like she's gonna do a marathon! I truly have missed the connection with you all. I was so sorry to read about Kim's injury and I shared with her that I have actually been having serious hip pain ever since I ran those stair repeats that has progressively worsened with each additional day of running. It was getting so bad I was actually hobbling around for a few days and I had to stop during a run because the pain. I took off this entire week not only because of the company we had but also the pain was bad. The good news is the pain is almost gone since I've had this unscheduled week of rest. I am hopeful that when I get up in the morning I can run with little to no pain at all. It is hard for me to be laid up from an injury. I am praying God will allow me to keep moving forward with my training.
In the mean time I wanted to show you something I made a few years ago with some old running shirts. You can tell by the dates on the shirts the 5k distance was a favorite in the 90's. This blanket has seen better days it gets used a lot for picnics. It's a fun blanket to have. The moon on the Night Light Run t-shirt(upper left) glows in the dark and is my favorite for that reason=)


Much Ado said...

Yeah, you're back again! I've missed your posts :) Glad to hear that your injury is clearing up and I am praying Kim's will too. I am not good (read "patient"...) with injuries.

LOVE, love, love the blanket - what a fun idea and wow, you have done a lot of races! (I have only ever run in 2 races!).

Kate said...

haha! i'm with jane - i'm not patient and am usually discouraged by injuries. i will definitely pray for you during this and that you heal quickly.

i ♥ that blanket! so adorable and how creative! i am going to keep this in mind if my collection grows...

Kim said...

Terri...I do pray you are all better and that your injury was some minor muscle pain. Hopefully you are able to run just fine this week!

I appreciate your prayers and kind words, friend!

The blanket is just adorable! I love things that hold memories like that!

Wendy said...

Glad you are back. I have a lot to catch up on too. I won't be home until Sat. Love the blanket - such a great idea!

Hope you are feeling better today!