Saturday, June 13

Humbling Hills

Well, my perfectly planned week of running turned out to be a bust. I took the kids to the pool on Thurs. and some how missed to apply sunscreen on the top of my feet. Needless to say my fair Irish skin was glowing red and I couldn't even put on shoes. I have been sunburned many times but never the tops of my feet, owie...I jokingly tell the kids that one day mommy will have a great tan when all my freckles merge. Funny thing is I am getting real close I must have a million freckles;).
When I went out for my run this morning I had absolutely no pain in my hip at all. I thought about Jane's comment that she was, "praying that the pain in my hip would ease completely" and how her faith worked to strengthen my own. I thought about how this was the first time in many weeks I had experienced no pain what so ever in my hip. I thought about my friend Kim who is dealing with possibly a serious injury and the patience God is working out in her life. Her example of trusting Him in this has provoked me to examine my impatience toward God. I thought about how I have been begging God for things that in reality are about making my life more comfortable. And how I have been doing so much in my own strength. I thought about how I've been trying to define my life to look and be a certain way rather than being willing to accept what Gods image for my life looks like. Gods Word tore at my pride "I will be satisfied with Your likeness when I awake" really? is that true of me? My run this morning was very emotional but also very restoring. I ran 3 miles of hills during which I started to experience some tenderness in my hip but nothing like it was and for that I am extremely thankful.

Nothing in my hand I bring, Simply to the cross I cling
From the hymn Rock of Ages


Kim said...

I am so thankful your pain is so much better! Thank you for praying for me as you ran...such sweet encouragement. I pray God would make me content in the things He has for me...whether or not I think it is best or right. He is the sovereign One and I want to trust in Him!

Good job on hills!

Mary Ann said...

I love seeing how God is working in the women around me. Thankful for your sensitivity to the Spirit and your tender heart.

Praying for you and would love to meet up at the Tulsa Run. :-)

Much Ado said...

This is what running is all about! Loved reading how God is working in your life and my heart just swells with the encouragement you give us! God is SO good! Strengthening and building each other up in Christ!

Praise God for a pain free run!

Kate said...

PTL! So glad your hip is healing and you are feeling so much better. I found what you said to be so true and very encouraging: "how I've been trying to define my life to look and be a certain way rather than being willing to accept what Gods image for my life looks like." :)

Terri said...

Mary Ann I am hoping too we can meet up at the Tulsa Run.