Saturday, May 30

Its About the Journey, Right?

I took yesterday off because my right calf was talking to me after Thursdays stair repeats. I wasn't expecting that. I was kinda mad at myself because I didn't realise I was stressing that muscle. Anyway I hobbled around and took Motrin on Friday. When I woke up this morning my calf was very stiff and still a bit achy. I thought I would try a run to see how it felt. I was planning to do at least 6 miles but had to stop after just 3 ugh. I wanted to do more and probably could have pushed through the pain but I just felt like that would make matters worse. So my long run turned out to be my shortest run of the week. This is one of those running times when I am reminded that running is a journey, like life it is full of lessons to be learned. I am thankful I got 3 miles in at the same time being disappointed I only got 3 in...So I must put this behind me, grow from it and look forward. Pressing on.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Wendy said...

Hope it feels better soon!

Kim said...

I'm so sorry about the calf muscle...I hope it feel better soon. Do you ever ice your muscles? That might help.

Like I said to Mary Ann...we all have bad running days, but thankfully God gives us the ability to bounce back and keep on going. Hopefully you will be able to do that soon!

I'll be praying for you!

Much Ado said...

Hope your calf is better so. I agree, running is so much like a journey isn't it? Great analogy.