Monday, May 25

Back Home

We are back from our camping trip and it is so good to be home. Most of our weekend at Devils Den state park was rained out so it was not as fun of a trip as I had hoped. We were able to get in one hike but it was muddy and sometimes very slippery. We went camping with my husbands parents and his brothers family. There were a few times I had concern for his parents on the slippery rocks. I am thankful we all made it home without any major injuries. The park was beautiful and we plan to go back again when its not so wet.
My chest x-ray came back clear! I am praising God that this pain under my rib is looking less and less likely to be a serious issue. The doctor wants me to have a CT Scan of the chest just to rule out anything that the chest x-ray did not show. If the CT Scan of the chest comes back clear then the Doctor suggested that it might be muscular. I am leaning more toward that view as well and this would be an easy issue in comparison. So I praise Him for how He has grown my faith through this process and will continue to lean on Him for one more test. Thank you dear friends for your prayers words of encouragement and for being true sisters in Christ.
Wow, am I looking forward to being back on a normal schedule with my family and running this week and catching up with you sweet ladies in your endeavors to glorify Him in your lives and health.


Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the update on your health-rejoicing with you that the X-ray was clear!

Wendy said...

Praise God! - so glad to hear that, Terri!

Kim said...


I am so thankful that this is not looking like anything serious! Praise God for showing you such sweet kindness through this ordeal! I am thanking God also for growing your faith through this! It is all good, isn't it?

We were trying to go hiking this weekend, but it didn't work out for us. With my mom being in the hospital, there was only one afternoon that would have worked(yesterday after church), but it was pouring down we just ate a nice lunch out and went by the Whole Foods Market for a few things.

Glad you had a nice mini vacation...sometimes just getting away can be so refreshing.

Looking forward to hearing about your runs this week!

Much Ado said...

So glad you had a good weekend camping and rejoicing all the more so that your chest x-ray was clear!! Praise God.

Kate said...

PTL!!! What wonderful news on the xray. Very comforting to hear.

It's always a bummer when the weather doesn't cooperate with our plans/trips. Hopefully you created and can covet some fun family memories!