Thursday, May 7

I'm Such A Dork!

Okay, I bought these cute black Capri running tights a few weeks ago. You know the ones that fit your legs tightly and cut off at the knees. They have this nice little zip pocket in the back where I can stash my key or small items. When I got to the running trail this morning I went to stash my key in the zipper pocket and could not find my pocket! I know weird. Well, I couldn't find the pocket because I had my PANTS ON INSIDE OUT! I tried to not be obvious as I looked around to see who else was noticing my plight while making a quick assessment on how many noticeable inseams were sticking out. I thought about changing in the van but that was not going to happen. I decided to go ahead and run and hope that no one would notice. Of course I just happen to be on the brightest part of the trail when several runners passed by me while all my inseams glistened from the lights of the casino. Uggh, I'm such a dork! Oh I managed to get 4 embarrassing miles in. I'm laughing at myself now but it wasn't funny then. I have never run with my pants on inside out and I will never do that again, evvvver!


Much Ado said...

This made me smile! Maybe because it has happened to me before too.....glad I am not the only one. (maybe this is why I don't go for morning runs!)

Good for you going ahead with your run. By the way, I am amazed at the amount of runners you pass on your trail. That must be you recognize certain people each morning?

Kate said...

You are too cute! You are making your own fashion statement! Last week I went to the gym with my shirt inside out... they giggled at me and I just said I didn't like the design on the tee!

Kim said...

So funny!!! I would have loved to have been there to share the laugh with you!!! You are not a dork--anyone that gets out of the house at 4:30am to run 5 miles can wear their pants however they want to in my opinion!

This was too cute!

Wendy said...


Much Ado said...

By the way, I meant to say new running pants are reversible - problem solved! :)

Terri said...

Jane, yes I do often see the same runners in the morning as well as a couple of friends. after this morning I need a pair of those dork proof, I mean reversible pants =D

Kate, if I ever do that again I'll have to remember the fashion statement idea!

Kim, your comment really made me laugh. I guess I can wear them anyway I want!