Wednesday, April 15

A Tough 4.5

I really struggled during my run this morning. I think my legs are still getting used to the pavement. As much as I don't like the treadmill it does give my leg muscles a break. But since the weather has been so nice I want to be outside running. I have also told myself I will not buy my Garmin Forerunner until I am running outside consistently. I ran into a couple of friends this morning out running so that gave my mind a break for a few minutes from the fatigue my legs felt. It was so wonderful to see so many people out on the trails before sun rise this morning.


Kim said...

I have noticed my legs are tired the day after I run hills...I don't know if that was it for you or not. Do you run by yourself usually?

Terri said...

I was thinking that while I was running that it might be the hills I ran yesterday.
I had a running partner 2yrs ago until she moved away,sniff,sniff. I will probably meet up with the gals I saw this morning for some Saturday long runs, but during the week I am rushing to get it in and done before my husband leaves for work at 6:15!

Much Ado said...

Running before sunrise sounds great! I have often thought about it but have never done it - do you feel safe?

I imagine it would be very peaceful at that time of the day.

Terri said...

The trails I run have lights so that helps. But I am usually out there alone the first half of my run until other runners start showing up. It can be peaceful until some critter pops out and scares me half to death =)

Wendy said...

You will love the Garmin! I have a hard time running w/out mine.