Wednesday, April 22

A Loooooong Day

I had a doctors appointment this morning with my new female doctor. I decided this year I was switching over to female doctors for my physical stuff. What was suppose to be a 1hr physical exam turned into 2 hrs. I had a lot of blood drawn and also a Tetanus shot. I have another appointment on Friday where I am going to have my hormones checked. I don't like to go to the doctor but look forward to knowing where I am internally and being proactive in my health.
I ran 4 miles yesterday but have been drained today after the appointment and decided to make it a rest day.
My new Asics arrived today and they feel great. I met the UPS man in the yard and gave a big YIPPEE when he handed me the box, he didn't even break a smile. Do ya think he's delivered to crazy women getting new running shoes before=) I can't wait to try them out!


Kate said...

yeah!!!! i bet you're glad you got that appt. over with! gotta love getting new shoes! which ones did you get?

Kim said...

New Shoes! How exciting!!!

Tomorrow is going to be a rest day for me...well, we are going to the zoo, so I will getting lots of walking in...but no running.

The Dr's appt sounds very thorough! I like doctors that are like that! I go to a female ob/gyn and I love her! Last time I went she copied all this great nutrional info for me! She also encouraged the running! Although I do not actually like going for the yearly exam, I do appreciate all her extra help!

Much Ado said...

Good to get your doctor's appointments over with. They are so important - I go once a year for a thorough check up on pretty much everything - our doctors are GREAT!

Getting new shoes would make me to a happy dance, I am crazy right along with you on that one!!!

Wendy said...

I think I was the crazy lady he met earlier, delivering new shoes to. :)