Monday, April 13

Book of the Month

I have read sooooo many books on running I thought it would be fun to share some thoughts on them with you. These are only my opinions and not meant to be reviews. My first Book of the Month is: Run Fast How to Train for a 5-K or 10-k Race. Written by Hal Higdon a veteran in the running community. The book is full of interesting stories and personal experiences. Although this book covers the shorter distances it stresses the need for longer distance and long runs as the key to any successful program. I would classify this book as a technical book for the everyday runner. It can be used as a training tool for the more serious athlete but is not too intimidating for the "regular" runner. I bought this book in the 90's when I was trying to improve my 5k times. During my training runs I would regularly see this local runner who I knew was very fast. He was actually shorter than me, but won many of the local races. One of the things I noticed about him, was his stride length. He ran low, quick short strides. Since I saw him regularly out on the trails, I began to try and mimic his stride. It not only made me faster but made my running more efficient. This topic is covered in length in chapter 5 "Form Enhancers". This book takes the technical science of training to an easy to understand analysis. I like to review the advice and tips in this book when I begin to get a little lazy in my form and training habits. Although I would not recommend this book to train for longer distances it is still a wealth of information in the science and art of running and that is why its my book of the month. See if your local library has it!

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