Saturday, April 18

7 Miles

Today was an easy 7 mile run. My plan was to run 8 but I could not find the mile marker near the turn around point, which I thought was kind of funny. They were doing construction around the area where I thought it was. I know I ran over 7 miles but not sure how far past. My left foot was hurting and my two middle toes on the same foot were numb by the end of my run but nothing I couldn't deal with. I think its time for some new shoes...I actually took my i-pod with me which is very rare. I have several songs downloaded from Sovereign Grace Music. It was wonderful to reflect on God in this way during my run.
Distance---7+ Miles
Pace---Hard to say with the missing mile marker=)


Much Ado said...

Great run! I have some SG CD's, they are really good!

Wendy said...

Great job, Terri!