Saturday, April 25

An off Week

Well, my running this week was pretty minimal...I wanted to run a lot more than I did, but three doctor appointments later and other commitments my week was shot. I did squeeze in 5 today, but the new shoes shortened that run. I will be sending them back for a 1/2 size larger! Thankfully tomorrow is a new week...I have only one doctor appoint this coming week and its for my son to see his ortho so this week should be a lot less hectic. Pressing on!!!

I hope you all are having a great running/racing weekend, I can't wait to read all about it!!


Wendy said...

some weeks are like that!
i'm glad you were able to get 5 in today and i hope you get your new shoes soon. :)

Kim said...

I will probably have a week like that soon! My calender is starting to look very busy!!! Is everything okay, medically? Last year was the year I had to get a lot of *things* checked out, which called for lots of aptts, too. How is your husband bu the way?

I am hoping to get fitted this Friday for some new shoes...but with all the flooring we are having to put in the house right now, I feel bad buying we may put it off. I'll see what Mike says about it. Which ones did you get? I am thinking I am going to need a half size bigger to help with my toe issues

Good job on 5!

Terri said...

Kim-thanks for asking. My husband cancer screenings have all come back good, so we rejoice in another year behind us. Personally though, I have had this discomfort under my right rib for some time. The doctor says that the medical word for discomfort is pain...I would say it is discomfort. Anyway I have had several test which have come back normal, yet its still there. She wants me to have one more test, but if that comes back normal then I'm done. I am waiting for all the blood work test to come back, and hopefully they will be normal as well. My body tends to be super sensitive to diet and stress and my personal feeling is that its some residual effects from a very difficult time that I went through, a time that I really let buckle me. Thankfully I am moving forward through this with my faith strengthened in a Loving God who knows and purposes good, that He might receive the glory. He is worthy!
I read about your flooring adventure=) what a mess! I hope it works out for you to get some new shoes. If you can't maybe just have them fit you to see if indeed you need to go up a half size. I ordered my same Asics Cumulus but in this years model. The toe box seems much smaller, I'm even considering a whole size larger!

Kim said...

I'm sorry about the difficult time recently. I will pray for you. Stress does really weird things to us physically. I know it does for I have gotten older stress seems harder for me to deal with...I think it is all hormonal for me! : )

I was having heart palpitaions that started up about a year ago...I still have them from time to feels like my heart does a little flip flop and the I feel like I need to cough. It really scared me when it first started, but I have been thoroughly examined by a cardiologists(he did an echocardiogram) and he said everything was fine. I also have a VERY low resting heart rate(39 sometimes) and low blood pressure which has caused some dizziness in the mornings. All of these things concern me, but there was nothing wrong with my I just drink lots of water, add lots of salt to things and eat healthy, etc. My cardiologists, who is a personal friend, said it was probably hormonal due to my age(41) and this was the beginning of the perimenopausal stage and I am having some symptoms. Isn't growing older fun?

Sorry for all the info...but it is nice to chat with someone about it! I hope your test come back normal and all is well! I will be praying for you! I hope that area of your rinbs feels much better. Keep me updated!

Terri said...

Thanks Kim for sharing your heart and experience. Actually mine started out last year with what felt like heart palpitations also. After numerous heart test, that was ruled out. No one said it but I think it was anxiety. I'm a little older than you so I am definitely noticing the hormone and age thing creeping up on me...oh joy=)Thanks for being willing to keep me in your prayers.