Wednesday, March 23

Tangents??? HELP!!!

It looks like Rock-n-Roll Dallas might just end up a sell out! The relay has sold out already and they are offering 100 spots for the 1/2 at the Expo. I think the cap for this race is 11,000. Wow! that is pretty close to the attendance of my last 1/2. Below is the course map(s) and a question. I know the best way to run a course is the straight line approach ie: tangents. This course has, I think I counted 15 right turns alone! and a few left turns. My question may be hard to answer in this type of format but I'm begging hoping some of you experienced with tangents will give it a try. So I can try and keep it simple I'm just going to ask my question using the first two turns in mile 1. Okay, on the first right turn do I want to stay in the middle of the road (Young st) aiming at running a straight line (across) the turn kind of ending up on the left side of Houston St.? And then the same would repeat for the left turn in that first mile. Move over to the middle while on Houston St. and aim at the right side of Elm St. as I complete the turn? Ugh! Have I got it wrong??? I have been working on my tangents in training but still not sure I have it right. Thanks for any help! I'm pretty much over the whole corral thing now and want to just enjoy this very lively race and running in beautiful Dallas!
Close up of mile 1


Black Knight said...

Before every race I plan to cut the distance running on the tangents but everytime, because of the crowd, I don't succeed in following my strategy. On the contrary to overtake the slower runners I notice that at the end I have run a little bit more than the official distance.
So the only advice, in my opinion, is take it easy......

Terri said...

Thanks Stefano for the advice. I think I'll take it and just go with the flow!