Monday, March 21

2:40? Really?

I'm a little perturbed, okay a lot perturbed! Got my final conformation in the mail for my 1/2 on Sunday and Rock-n-Roll Dallas put my estimated finish time at 2:40? Really? Not only that but they placed me in corral 12! I know I am not fast by any measure but come-on where do they get their numbers! I ran my last 1/2 at 2:27 and that was with at least 5 quick stops to get fluid or hug my family. It is really discouraging to my goal that they put me so far back in such a large race. I remember having to maneuver around tons of people as well as deal with those individuals who make abrupt stops right in front of you in my last race!!! I was really hoping to see a better time for this 1/2 but all I feel right now is frustrated that I am already going to be starting out at a deficit. I will have my work cut out for me! Today I am not happy about this race!


to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

don't be frustrated!!! you can get your corral changed at the Expo - look for the corral change booth/table! =)

I am not ready for this race. I had hoped to be more prepared than I am...coming back from an injury is rough! Ah well...I will just do my best and see how it pans out. No matter what - I will finish, so that's something! ha!

I'm in Corral 14 and that won't be changing cuz I'm a special kind of turtle! ha! Come find me on Sunday if you get a chance. I'll be wearing a white Nike tank! =)

Terri said...

Kim you will rock it! I know I sound all whiney about the corral. I think had I not had so many crowd related issues in my last 1/2(such as no fluids left on the tables)I would just roll with it and I had hoped to improve my time. Knowing me I will make the mental adjustments once I get there. I will look for you I will be wearing a black visor and a blueish skirt and top. Have a great race!

Kate said...

terri, the sunny side of this is just think of all the people you are going to PASS! smoke 'em terri! that will light it up for you! :)
you need to tape on the back of your shirt "you've just been passed by a skirt!!!" hahaha :)