Thursday, March 24

Stuck in the Last Corral? Can't figure out those Tangents?--No Problem!

This is how I plan to deal with all those issues MOSHING!!!!!!!!! Who knows I may start a whole new trend on the running circuit!!!

I can still call it a PR right????

This will be my last post until the race re-cap. I know a few of you out there looking to PR this weekend, hoping you will all have a great weekend-press on!


Much Ado said...

lol, you are SO funny! Some of your blog posts really do make me laugh out loud - great pic! :) Hope you have a great race!

Meg said...

Moshing seems pretty extreme but necessary!! I will definitely try it in four weeks for my race...I hope I don't get kicked out of the marathon!! Terri said...

HAVE a FUN RACE, can't wait to hear how it goes!

Black Knight said...

A very good way not to stay in the last corral!
Have a great race.