Tuesday, April 26

The Easter Bunny Stole my Running Shoes

 We are back from our trip and we had a wonderful time. My only regret is that I didn't run as much as I would've liked. Family time and visits took priority I guess. Looks like week 2 for me will be a bust on the training and week 3 isn't looking much better right now. Tomorrow is a new day and I will be back at it hard!
While in Oklahoma we sort of had a curve ball thrown at us, and it may end up working against my plan to run the 1/2 in September. I'm trying not to stress about it as I can't do anything until my husband and I can talk about it. We got back Mon. night and he left today on a business trip. Waiting to talk about it will allow me some time to process this information and pray about it. I know I can find another race but this one was special. We will see, nothing is final yet. The pictures are just a few of our family from Easter. Hope y'all have a blessed week of training. Pressing on with you!


Meg said...

Great pictures, Terri! I love your family glimpses, your kids are gorgeous, just like you!
I'm sure the September plans will work out, a Sept. half would be great!
Thanks for your sweet comments, you are so supportive! Have a great rest of the week!

Small Town Runner said...

It can be really hard to wait on things sometimes. I know you will be glad that you did- and that you took time to pray over it.

Love the easter pics! Beautiful family!

No stress over some lost training time. Shake the dust off and start fresh. =D

Julie D. said...

family always comes first!! It is so hard to have to reconsider a race that you had your heart set on. Praying that you have peace with whatever decision you make. You looked beautiful on easter btw!

Kate said...

don't sweat it terri, u will catch up fast! you've got a great base. :) how wonderful you were able to to spend time with dear family and friends. :)

Black Knight said...

You have a beautiful family!
I am sure that you will not change your plan about the half but case.... there are a lot of races around the world in every month. Think positive. Good luck.

Much Ado said...

Terri you look fantastic! As does all of your family, beautiful pictures. The Easter bunny stole my running shoes too! :)

Terri said...

Thank you all for the sweet comments and encouragement! We are still working out the details of this new issue in our lives but I am thankful for peace and a godly husband whose decisions I know will be in the very best interest of our family. If all works out then I will not be able to run the RnR Va. Beach, but we will see. Plenty of other races out there to conquer!