Monday, November 16

Where There's A Will There's A Way!

Some of you who are also friends with me on Facebook know that my husbands father was diagnosed in August with incurable cancer and has since begun serious radiation and chemotherapy treatments. With my in-laws living about 3 miles from us, this allows us to minister and help them. Last week my father-in-law ended up at the hospital suffering from side affects of his treatments as well as dehydration. Why do I bring this up? well, only to boast in the Lord of course. As you know I set about last week to begin in earnest my pre-marathon training month. November has been set aside to "see how it goes" in the pain/mileage department. But not part of my schedule was an increased number of responsibilities. My husbands father needing to be hospitalized meant that my husbands time would be stretched between home and the hospital. My husband did several overnight stays at the hospital which meant I could not run in the mornings. He also went by there after work, so time for running became very challenging. My husband who is very supportive and aware of my goals worked so hard to try and be home at some point everyday so I could get in my run. I ran several times in the evening, well after dark, and managed to run 5x's this past week. I am so thankful for a loving and supportive husband. For children who step up to the plate when grown-up responsibilities increase. For the fact my "father-in-love" is getting better. And more than anything for the grace God gives to get me through difficulties and for His intimate care that I sense each day as I run this race. I am happy to report I have run without any serious pain this past week and the marathon goal is looking more and more like a reality. My plan this week is to repeat last weeks running schedule and hopefully feel a little stronger than I did this past week on my runs.
Mon. run 4(done)
Tue. 4 (done)
Wens. 4
Thur. 4 (Hills)
Fri. off
Sat. 5


Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Sorry about your father-in-law. Glad you were able to run like you wanted to!

Lisa said...

Prayers to you and your family. Congrats for getting in those runs!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful hubby. So sorry about his Dad.

Wendy said...

Lots to be thankful for, for sure!
Glad you have been able to help your father-in-law.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Thanks Terri for your comments, support, and for being such a tough Navy wife – A demanding job within itself. During my retirement ceremony, I gave special recognition to my mom and wife for their unswerving devotion, and for always believing and supporting the cause. Wow – Your husband was on the Iowa when the turret exploded! I so remember hearing about it and really felt for my brothers. Battleships are so very awesome. I was in Beirut (Marine barracks bombing) and got to watch the New Jersey launch Volkswagens – Very impressive.
I will keep your husband’s dad on my running prayer list. I sometimes pray to the Big Guy when running. I lost my dad 5 years from this month to cancer and still miss him, but I know he is in a better place.
Great job with the training – Stay strong and run with purpose.