Wednesday, November 4

Me and My Shadow...

Now that my head cold is subsiding I am back on the running trail and back to training our black lab Shadow. He has managed 3 days of running 3 miles each day at a good (not too fast for his mommy) pace in a healing position. I don't prefer to run with him in a healing position because the chance of him tripping me is much greater, but there are still so many people on the trails it is best to keep him close. One of my worst falls happened from tripping over my German Shepherd on a run. I still have knee trouble from time to time from that hard landing. Other than my arm being a little tired the running is going well. Shadow has really surprised me for just being 1 years old. He seems really happy when he runs and I am enjoying having him by my side. If my arm can take it I plan to move him up to 4 miles next week. Any running advice from those of you who have run with pets would be much welcomed.


Keri said...

Yay! I am glad you two are running together!

Kya was a little under a year when I started running with her. She always tries to start out faster and then settles in. The first few miles are the hardest and then when she gets a little tired, she is better.

You are doing great! Tell Shadow to keep up the good work as well!

Wendy said...

How fun! I wish my dog could go w/me. She's getting too old now and probably would just want to chase rabbits the whole time anyway. :)

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Speaking of rabbits, I have to watch out for squirrels when my dog runs with me!

Our new Gentle Leader collar has kept my dog from pulling forward as much as she used to, but my arm still gets tired because right now I hold it down or away from me, so she won't trip me!

Did you change your blog template? Well, anyway, I like it!

Kim said...

That is great to have a big dog to run with...I would feel much safer that way!

So, are you going to sign up for the marathon????