Friday, November 27

Happy Hilly Chilly Days

My mom arrives Tuesday for a 2 week visit! The kids and I have not seen her (other than Skype) for over a year. While she is here I am looking forward to sleeping past 4:30 am. The weather has been so nice this month and has not dropped below 40 for any of my early morning runs. It has been a gift from God to have such warm weather this time of year. But, the weather has started changing and just in time for my moms visit. My run Saturday was 33 degrees! I could see my breath the whole way. The day mom arrives it is going to be 29 degrees! My mom has always been very supportive of my running so when I asked her if she would mind if I went running after sunrise, she had no problem with that. I am really excited about getting to sleep in and run later in the morning for the next couple of weeks. Not only that but while moms here we plan to transform the spare bedroom where my treadmill is. I though if the room was pleasant to be in it would make my treadmill running more endurable. It has snowed as late as April around here so I figure I will be on the treadmill at some point. Mom and I love to decorate and keep busy so it will be a fun time. She will also do Christmas with the kids so they are looking forward to getting a few gifts early. My husband leaves for Myanmar on Thurs. and will be gone for 8 days. December is looking like a very busy month. My running plan through December is hills, hills, hills! I have been experiencing mild shin pain (only in my left leg) this month but nothing that has caused me to have to skip any running days. I'm running in new shoes so I have eliminated that as the cause. I sure would like to know if anyone has a good stretch for the shin? Any advice is welcome. I probably won't do much posting this month but will keep up with you all through reading your blogs. Below is a picture of the quilt I ordered and *kind of* (I'll be using my favorite color green instead)the look mom and I will be going for in the spare room. I found a twin sleigh bed at the thrift store last week for $40! I'll post pictures when it's done.


Happy Feet 26.2 said...

We remodeled our house last year, and everything is complete except I haven't figured out how to decorate "my yoga room" I left it empty with the hopes of getting into a serious home yoga routine. I really want to make it calming, inviting, yoga like, but I'm not sure what to do.... so it remains empty and basically unused. I have started 10-15 min of home yoga, but haven't used the room. Good Luck with yours. Maybe your pics will inspire me. Enjoy your later morning runs, you will get spoiled fast.

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Brrr... That sounds chilly! That makes post-run hot chocolate all the better!

Thomas Bussiere said...

Quality time with Mom is so very special – And how awesome to go for a run with your Mom. You are blessed.
Good luck with the room.

Wendy said...

That's so great that you get to see your mom, especially after so long apart!

I hope you have a great time together.

Sounds like you've been doing great w/running.

Kate said...

That's beautiful bedding! Enjoy special time with your Mom. Good luck with running. I'm so happy for you that you've been pain free (other than the shin). Keep going!!!

Keri said...

How nice for you to see your mom! I have shin issues occassionally as well. I know sometimes that they are caused from my calves being too tight. I always stretch my calves on a curb or stair and that seems to help a lot. I also put my heel on the floor and point my toes up and lean a little. (I just stood up in my office and did this so that I could best describe it. My boss probably wonders what the heck I am doing!)

Hope the shin gets better!