Wednesday, October 7

Trust for Today

So I've been doing 3 miles consistently for going on two weeks and I have not had that lower back pain since! It really does make a difference when training is on a consistent basis. Toward the end of last week I started going back to the river in the morning to run because, I simply don't like to run in the evening! It has been a bit of a drive for just 3 miles but it has helped me to stay consistent. I am hoping to do 4 miles on Saturday and if this pain does not return then I hope to continue to step up my mileage again. Running this year so far has come with more challenges than I really care to think about. Some of these challenges I am sure are related to me getting older, but even so, the unfamiliarity of these issues has not been easy to handle at times. As I have struggled this year to have a "normal" running life, it has made me appreciate so much more the gift of running. I am so thankful for the joy running brings, the solitude, the time alone with the Lord, the opportunity to re-group and of course pray and sometimes even cry. But these challenges have also brought with them some new anxieties, thought about my running that I have never had to consider... the "what ifs." What if I cannot run with out some pain issue, what if I can't find that "normal" again... So I comfort myself with Matthew 6:34 "Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble" and I press on, taking thought only on what has been given for this day and I move forward in the confidence that I serve a Great God who has a perfect plan and perfect time and perfect pace for my life.

Piper says:
Part of saving faith is the assurance that you will have faith tomorrow. Trusting Christ today includes trusting him to give you tomorrow's trust when tomorrow comes. Often we feel today like our reservoir of strength is not going to last for another day. The fact is, it won't. Today's resources are for today, and part of those resources is the confidence that new resources will be given tomorrow.
A Godward Life, (Multnomah Books, 1997) p.25


Mary Ann said...

Good insights, Terri. It's great that you're counseling your heart with the truth.

Grace for the moment . . . grace when we need it, which is always, I suppose! He is faithful and he is good, all the time.

I wish you could be running the Tulsa Run with me!

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

Glad your back pain seems to have gone away and that you've been able to stick to your plan to run for the last two weeks. That's great!

But watch out for the armadillos! : ) Maybe they're cuter around here!?!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Comments are half the fun of blogging!

Kim said...

I'm so glad the pain is better and that God's Truth are prevalent in your heart and mind. I have some of those same anxieties some days. Very comforting to know that He has ordered our days and takes care of all the what ifs of life.

God is all wise, all powerful, and all good.

Great job on your 3 mile runs...hope to hear you can up the miles soon!

Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing this, Terri!
Running has taught me so many life lessons as well. It definitely is a gift from God.

Kate said...

Terri!!! Just what I needed to read! Thank you. Going back to re-read it actually!