Saturday, October 10

Oh, How I Love Those Trails!

Yesterday, I ran 4 miles of hills, slippery mud, deep puddles and I'm going back today for more! Since my husband was off work yesterday I decided to try the 4 miles I had planned for Saturday on Friday instead. I was a little anxious to see if that lower back pain would make a showing. Actually I never felt anything in my lower back but did feel a stiffness in my left glute but it was not that bad. I could tell after my run while I was stretching that this is an area that I need to watch. I ran my 4 miles on the trails near our house which after several days of rain meant I was faced with numerous obstacles of puddles and mud. When I got home I showed my shoes and socks to my husband and he said, "those trails will make you tough" he's right. After my run we got ready to go to the Tulsa State fair. We spent about 5 hours eating our way through the fair and having a really good time just hanging out together. I am planning to run another 4 on the same trails today and hoping for the best regarding this pain.

Thinking about and sending best wishes out to you all who are racing this weekend!


Mary Ann said...

Sounds like a fun run-glad it went well! We used to love to go to the fair-lots of memories from those days! Blessings on your weekend!

Wendy said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'd love to run some trails for a change.

Stacey said...

that does sound fun!! i pray when my husband's schedule lets up, I can find some cool trails around here to explore!