Tuesday, October 27

A New Kind of Speed Work

My husband and I had promised the kids that we would get a dog this year. About 5 weeks ago we held up our end of the promise and got a dog, well, actually, ahem, we got two dogs. When we started looking at dogs we found two we really liked but we couldn't agree on which one so we got both. We purchased the dogs from a rescue group. The yellow lab is between 2-5 yrs. old and the black lab is 1 year. I had it in my mind to make one of the dogs a running partner. I used to run with my German Shepherd. He was a good companion, but died about 9 years ago, so it's been a while. So last night I decided it was time to start the black lab (Shadow) for a training run. He as well as the yellow lab have turned out to be really terrific dogs. The yellow lab is more of a 65lb. lap dog so she all snuggles and sugar. The black lab on the other hand is the athlete. I knew Shadow had it in him to run at least 2 maybe 3 miles but I wasn't sure how he would handle a steady no time for sniffing pace. So last night on the trails near our house we started his first training run. He surprised me and did very well! Everything was fine on the mile out, we could hear a few coyotes off in the distance, but on the mile back it had gotten much darker and the coyotes were out in number. The howling and barking was much closer and at one point Shadow and I realized we were being tracked by one or more coyotes. We could both hear something following us in the tall brush! I was freaking out and so was he! Our training run kind of turned out to be a speed training lesson. My husband told me I could not run with him on the trail again at night. I have no problem submitting to that! Shadow did great stayed on course and kept a steady pace. He's gonna make a great running partner!


Mary Ann said...

Two dogs! That's a big change in anyone's life. Great story about the coyotes-scary!

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

That's scary! I might even be afraid to go out again in the daytime!!!

Glad you had your dog with you! That would have made me feel better.

How did you get your dogs to pose so nicely for the camera?!

Kim said...

What pretty dogs you have there. Shadow looks like a great running partner...but I do agree with your husband. I love seeing wildlife on runs, but not the mean kind!

Keri said...

What cute dogs! I would have been freaking out! I was with my dog and husband once walking on a trail at night and we heard coyotes. I made my husband turn around and walk the other way to get away from them! I also made him pick up a huge stick to protect the dog and me!

My dog runs with me a lot! She is the best training partner! She never says no to a run! I hope you dog or dogs will be as good as partners to you as Kya is to me.

Keri said...

Hi Terri,
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Kya used to wear my arms out a lot when we ran. I am getting used to it now. It does make my runs alone seem easier, kind of like I lost 45 pounds!