Monday, August 3

Mug, Mug, Muggy

If muggy was a soup I was swimming in it this morning! I could hardly breath and had to stop and walk for a couple of minutes. It wasn't my best run but I still did 4 miles total. My mind was struggling this morning on some trials my family is enduring. Before my husband left for work he told me he is seeing God working in my life in good ways. That was so encouraging I shed a couple of tears. I think half my struggle this morning running was stress related. I feel so weighted down when I don't trust Him as I should, when I don't see that He is good and when my thoughts are not more eternal and redemptive in their purpose...I covet your prayers.
I plan to start homeschooling today to get a jump on my month since I figure we will need to take off about 3 weeks in September for our vacation. We will be studying Oceans, currents, estuaries, sea life, and the such in preparation for our trip. If I don't run out of time I would like to do a unit on Florida for 1 week, but I already feel like I've been overly ambitious in my schedule. This week will tell me a lot.
I had you gals on my mind and heart this morning as I was running and can't wait to read about what God is doing in your lives.
Love this song...
Blessed Is the One
Blessed is the one whose sins are overcome
Whom God has sheltered deep within His grace
Blessed is the one who trusts in God the Son
His steadfast love the sinner’s hiding place

Jesus, Your blood covers all my sin
Jesus, Your love draws my heart to sing
What a Savior, Jesus

I will always hide at my Savior’s side
I find my refuge in His sovereign care
When the waters rise, God will hear my cries
His steadfast love will hold me safely there


Much Ado said...

I love your honesty in your posts and your desire to trust and follow God completely is so evident.

Great song!

Wendy said...

ditto to what Jane said. i love how you share your heart and the ups and downs of life.

i hope the start to your school year is a good one!

Kim said...

What sweet words to hear from your husband. Encouragement is greatly needed during times of trials. I pray that you would run the race with perseverance!

How fun to be going on a 3 week vacation! I think it is great to study the place(ocean, etc)with your kids that you will be going. It will make it so memorable!

I hope your first week back goes well.

Mary Ann said...

So good to get an update from you. I pray your first week back to schooling goes well.

Remember to counsel your heart with the truth, moment by moment. He is good. He is worthy of our trust. He is sovereign. I'm recommend reading a favorite Psalm each day for truth and comfort.

I'm in Tulsa for a few days, helping my mom.