Thursday, August 6

The Fruit of Someone-else Labor

This is what's on the menu for dinner tonight. I would like to say that this is the fruit of my labor but in reality this was given to me by others who are much better at gardening. I am thankful for their giving spirit! I will add some chicken for my meat loving family, but will enjoy mostly vegetarian for myself. I love eating this way.
I took the day off from running because I have just felt so sluggish this week. I don't know what is wrong if anything but I am having an off week. Even after sleeping in this morning I still feel real tired...I am hoping to feel more perky in the morning. Hope you are all having a terrific week.


Wendy said...

we just had corn on the cob this week for the first time and it was GREAT! love this time of year w/all the fresh fruits and veggies!

hope you feel better tomorrow.

Kim said...

The fresh veggies look delicious!

Kate said...

YUMMMMY!!! What a sweet treat!

I have those weeks too. It's best to listen to your body and take the break. Rest is what it wants! I hope next week is better for you.