Saturday, December 3

Wind Beneath My Wings

I found this quote recently "The captive bird that sits on its perch and sings, is wiser than the bird that flies against the wires of the cage, and tries to get out, only bruising its wings in its unavailing efforts." Since my fall in July I have felt somewhat like a captive I look back over the past few months I hope that I found contentment as I waited to be freed from the uncertainty of my future in running. There were days to be sure that I banged against the wires of the cage but hopefully in those months I managed to sing a little also.
Here is the update and good news on the knee. After a really hard fall in July I had to take off about 4 weeks from running while my wound and knee recovered. When I returned to running I had some expected knee discomfort but what I didn't expect was this mystery pain in the ball of my foot. I assumed the two were related since it was the same leg. Over the next few weeks as I continued running the knee pain became less and the foot pain much worse. After a month or so and no relief from the pain I went into my regular doctor but didn't get much answers on my foot. I continued to try and run building up to 4 miles, but the foot pain was getting awful. So much so that I would limp while walking and the pain was chronic. I couldn't run more than 3 days without experiencing a lot of pain and needing to take Ibuprofen as well as a few days off. By now it had been almost 3 months since my fall and I was starting to feel a great deal of discouragement. My mom came for a visit in early October and as best as I tried to hide my discouragement she saw it. Her concern was not going to be brushed under the rug either. While she was here I took off from running and steadily the pain decreased confirming my fears that running was causing the pain. It was while she was here that I made an appointment with the sport doctor. Problem was I couldn't get in for a month. After she left I continued my quest to try to get back to a normal running schedule and continued to deal with the pain. In early November (after my last post) something changed...the pain just disappeared!!! I went out for a run and I had no pain, none, my foot felt normal! I almost started crying right there on the running trail. I was free...the cage door had been opened and I was soaring!!! The pain did return a little after that but not at the level it had been. Most of all I started to have days where there was no pain at all. It went from chronic pain everyday to off and was a gift straight from the Fathers hand!!! Also around this same time I had the idea to try a lower heel running shoe and after some research ordered the Saucony Triumphs-I LOVE these shoes!!! Since the lower heel promoted a more midfoot landing I noticed an immediate change in the pain level when it was there!! I truly give God the credit for the idea to try a lower profile shoe. "But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him"
Finally my appointment arrived this week with the sports doc although, I wasn't sure how it would go since I had at this point been experiencing little to no pain most days. When the doc pulled up the x-ray of my foot I don't know why but I just burst forth in praise of Gods handy-work. Seeing this amazing creation I was in awe. The sport doc did a great exam of my knee and foot and basically diagnosed me with Metatarsalgia. For me this was great news. Something that can be managed with a little pad in my shoe if I need it.
Today I sit here completely pain free. I ran a double yesterday for total of 5 mile. I ran 3 this morning and will probably do another double today:) I am so excited to be able to get back to some real training.
Since not being able to run much over the past 5 months (wow it's been that long) I have put on a few pounds. This is not good as I already had a few to loose. I started Monday making some changes to my diet and have already dropped 3lbs this week!
To God alone belongs the praise for the changes that have occurred. His mercies ARE new every morning. Might I be more faithful to sing from the cage. I will update my progress on my weight loss and many more things in the coming weeks. Thanks for stopping by!

I have wind beneath my wings!!!


Happy Feet 26.2 said...

so sorry to hear about the injury, but so glad you figured it out and are back at it. Good things ahead for you in 2012.

Raina said...

I am really encouraged to read this Teri. What an awesome testimony to God's healing power and to His wisdom as well. You were rewarded for for faith.I am sure the sports Doc was blessed by your visit with him, too.
Enjoy the doubles as you build up!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I know you'll have fun building your mileage up. It feels great when you can finally run agian!