Friday, December 9

Week 1 (Recap) Baby Steps

It has been a great week of running! For the most part I accomplished my two goals; consistent running and quality running. Tuesday was a fail day because I let the weather drive my schedule. I put off my morning run waiting for it to "warm-up" uhhh, it never did. It was in the 30's most mornings this week. I decided to forgo doubles as it was too cold. Here's my week in a nut shell:
Mon. 3 m. @ steady pace
Tue. off-not planned fail :(
Wens. 4 m. one word brrrrrr!
Thurs. 4 m. brrrr again
Fri. 4 m.
Sat. Tomorrow the plan is 4 m @ steady pace.
All my runs this week I tried to keep a good pace and good form. I also ran some of these runs with Shadow. He's a good running buddy. I had some VERY minor foot pain around Thurs. but on Fri's run my foot felt fine. It's a slow process back but I'm happy to be finishing a week of running without having to take off to rest my foot. Baby steps but progress none the less!


fancy nancy said...

Great job Terri!!!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Looks like a good week of running! I see no fails there!