Saturday, July 11

My New Stretch with the Naughty Name

Last night we went over to a friends house for dinner and an opportunity to meet a couple of men who are visiting from Myanmar. My husband and another man from our church are going in December to visit a native missionary and his family that our church supports from Myanmar. It was really interesting and helpful to hear about the customs as well as some of the obstacles my husband and this other man will face as they go. The man that my husband is going with his wife is a physical therapist and a runner. I told her about my hip and she rambled off this super long name and told me that that was a common muscle for runners to complain about. She showed me this terrific stretch that she said they call the "hooker" stretch. I call it the owie stretch. This stretch HITS THE SPOT! I was quite sore this morning before my run, I think from doing that stretch. While I was running I ran into a friend and we ran together until my mileage was done. It was fun to run with someone but I have definitely gotten out of shape for talking and running, I was asking a lot of questions so she could talk while I was trying to breath...After my run I did my new little stretch while hoping no one was wondering why I was standing like that =D I am thankful that this stretch already seems to be helping with the soreness that I experience after a run. I hope you are all having a blessed weekend!

update: I actually found a picture of this stretch on-line that was too funny not to post. My physical therapist friend told me to lean my elbow on the wall which doesn't help this stretch to look any less silly doing it.


Mary Ann said...

That's really great about the stretch you learned! I hope it helps.

Our church also has men who go to Myanmar-about once a year. They've been going for many years.

Much Ado said...

LOL!!! Funny stretch and name.....but if it works then GREAT!! :)

I had to smile when you said about asking questions so you could breathe. When I first moved to Spain and had very little/no Spanish....that was my trick. Ask lots of questions and then people to have to listen to my awful Spanish!!!! ;)

Wendy said...

That's funny I did that w/my friend just the other day, asked her a lot of questions so I wasn't so out of breath. :)

I hope the stretch helps you.

Kate said...

You are so cute, Terri! I'm going to try that stretch! Thanks for the tip!! :)