Tuesday, February 17

Race for the Halo 5k Report

 I decided last year after another disappointing half-marathon I was going to take a break from longer distances and concentrate on loosing weight and getting faster. It has at times been a tough choice as I have missed those longer runs. But I know that my training needed a boost and these old legs needed convincing they could indeed run faster. 

Race for the Halo held on Valentines day was at a beautiful park off of Lake Houston. I finished with a 2nd place age group win! Technically it was two age groups (50-59) combined!

Weather: BEAUTIFUL! The sun made the chilly 45 degrees perfect! The lake was a gorgeous backdrop. It was a tad windy but not too bad.

Course: was part trail and road but the trail was not compact dirt as I had originally thought. After we reviewed the course on Friday before packet pick-up I was a little freaked out to say the least. I spent the rest of the day fretting about the more than one mile of rocks, roots and ruts I was going to face. Thankfully by morning I decided that it was more important to play it safe on that part of the course than to spend weeks recovering from a injury. The course was long and my watched showed 3.21 miles.

Mantra: "don't think, just run." Exactly the kind of race mantra I needed for this course. All heart, nothing mental. I find this really helps with shorter races as they are over before you can hardly think! :)

Race/Highlights: This was the second year for this organization Real Life Angels to put on this race and its obvious why they doubled in size from last year! Beside the fact they offer a nice medal which is not always the case in shorter distance races, the awards were nice and 3 deep per age group. The food and water was well stocked and they offered a play area for the kiddos. Another REALLY nice part was that the race started and finished at a pavilion in the park so we could use park facilities instead of port-o-johns! This also made parking a breeze! The best part of the day was seeing my baby-girl get her first AG award. She came in behind me so I got to see her run in, my heart swelled as I watched her cross the finish!


Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Congrats to both of you on your race awards! How fun that you both not only raced, but placed, too!

Terri said...

Thank you Tina! It made for a fun Valentine's day!